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Would love to see you play in New Braunfels soon!!!!
I was introduced to Ruben V's music about 5 years ago and became a huge fan! A few years back, I introduced my son to his music and he's been a huge fan ever since! My son is currently stationed in Ft. Hood and will be in SA on Friday, May 6 for his birthday, I would love to surprise him with a CD. If possible, can you tell me where I can purchase one? Please send me an email at smora0612@gmail.com with a location. Thanks!! Sylvia
Hey Ruben, Not sure you remember me. Carl thornblade and I followed you back in early 2000's. We came to see your shows at Cibilo Creek and downtown. I have a picture of You, Carl and I. Glad to see you are still making great music! You are a great musician. Take care.
Sylvia turned me on to your music and I have been a fan ever since. I saw your show at Luna's, you are an amazing talent, made my drive from Waco completely worth it! I will be back for more! If you haven't heard or seen Ruben, you are missing out!
Thx for going to my uncles funeral,Just saw you in parade!AWESOME!!!!
Thx for going to my uncles funeral,Just saw you in parade!AWESOME!!!!
I know by know we are starting to freak Ruben out because we have seen him 3 weeks in a row but what can we say, We just can't get enough of his music. And we promise the Corpus show was pure coincidence, LOL!! Anyway brother keep up the good work and we will see on the 27th at Sam's.
Hi Ruben! I've been hearing about you for quite some time now, and I finally made it to your show last night at Sam's Burger Joint. You were phenominal!! EXCELLENT SHOW! I'll certainly be catching more of your upcoming shows.....and I'll be sure to say Hi!
Where are you playing January 9
Heading up to SA from the RGV next week...Going to a conference but will be there Wednesday night at Sancho's to hear some killer licks from the V-man. Can't wait!
Ruben, im glad to have met you and some band members on your way to Port Aransas on Sept 27, but how ironic how I met you guys, on the side of the road stopping to help you when the trailer had a flat tire!!! sincerely David G
Every time I see you Rubin it blows my mind how good you are. I was with Chris and friends the night the water came up at Bajas on Canyon Lake. You sat at our table 2 weeks back at On The Rocks. I can't wait to see you play again. Oh yea I still like the purple guitar.
Love your style, keep them coming!
I absolutly love Ruben V every time I see him I take lots of pictures and video and he is very kind to all of his fans everyone should go see him live he is incredible
Not because ur my sister , Yvonne andRauls friends but this music is my style, bad A, great rhythm I really like it , great !!
Ruben, thanks again for helping my celebrate my Birthday this Saturday, and for being our guest on THE LIST Radio Show! David Birdy
Ruben, you are truly a blessed musician and artist. We saw your show at the Southwest School of Art during Fiesta this year, and we were blown away by your performance. You and your band put on a fantastic performance. We bought your CD, 'True', and while the recordings are excellent, I don't think any recordings can capture the heart and soul that you pour into the music, It must be experienced live! We will definitely be checking out more of your live performances in the San Antonio area. Stay blessed, and keep doing what you do best. -rb
Tight! Awesome show tonight in Wimberley. Thanks for signing my CDs.
You were on FIRE!!! Great Show! First time at Sam's and it was Memorable!! Loved the Spanish Flair of the Beautiful woman playing the Castanetas. One day I will have you play for my Birthday :) Your Music Needs to be Broadcasted! Badass Show! Reminds me of my earlier days in the 90's living in Miami Beach and the Funk and Rock Live Shows! Rock On!!
Ruben, me and a few co-workers will be in town in February and are looking forward to catching a live performance. I've been a fan since 1999 when I caught you as the closing act at Booze, Blues, and Bar-B-Que at Fiesta Texas. Please let me know your Feb schedule when it pans out. Cheers my friend! Steve
.... WOW! took me back 40 years. Ya I am an old rocker, what else can ya say. Love your guitar man! Keep on keep'n on!
Hello Ruben... I am using this forum to tell you how much it meant to have you, Gabe and James play for us at Carole's special birthday party at the Grill... Everyone was amazed at the energy and power of the music. It was the party of a lifetime and I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!!! JL
If see RubenV and don't feel his passion and gifts, then you don't get what music is meant to do. Music must evoke a feeling, emotion or memory you feel in your soul and his musical skill delivers it all and much more. He is a rare gift to San Antonio and today's music scene.
Ruben saw you in Portt a Saturday night at the back porch. Great show. You have a new fan. I loved dancing in the rain to your music. looking forward to seeing you in Austin at strange brew in Oct.
Ruben hi saw you for the first time in port a at the back porch. Was there with my girlfriends. Wow awesome show. We had a blast. Loved dancing in the rain to your music. Looking forward to seeing you in October at strange brew. Your new fan
Hoping to see you soon in Corpus Christi... We love your music and what you stand for. You are the Best!
Rock on Ruben V !!
let me ask you about "the will to live band" ? in 1991 what happened to family
Ruben, this James from Corpus I used to stay with you and your brothers. I am the one that built the sand in milk crates walls in the garage. I am looking for Cesar and David. I am doing a cd and wanted them to play on it. Contact me by the way it sounds great.
When is the new CD going to be available? I heard Waiting for the Light the first time at the Pharmacy and found the melody haunting and the lyrics inspired.
DECO District 1st year recognized 2014 Fiesta event was a blast, and Ruben V was awesome as always!!! Class A stuff!!
Ruben-you always do such an awesome job performing at SAILS Fiesta Fair and special events. I can't wait until Saturday April 19th at Comanche Park 2!
Dude, can't wait to see you at the Big D guit show again. You haven't been there in years? Can't wait, let's ROCK it!!
Great to see you're coming back to Dallas Guit Show....we missed you for years, let's hook up
Ruben,my husband was introduced to you and your music, by our close friend Clyde! Since then Clyde and Joey, have followed you religiously.Joey always came home and told me that your and your music were amazing.It was just this past January on our 33rd wedding anniversary, when he took me out to The Grill at Leon Springs to listen to your amazing music! It touched my soul,your guitar skills and your voice are a beautiful gift that you share with your followers. But the beauty in which you interact with your fans is even more endearing! That night I became a fan! So fast forward to Valentines Day, we went back out to see you again, and this time our whole family came. Our son Joey and his wife Marissa and our most special daughter Jamie! I am sure you won't soon forget her, she danced in her wheelchair to your music, you sang to her, and gave her your guitar pick at the end of the song. Just let me put it this way...you made her feel as though she was the star of the show, when in all actuality you are stellar, and the star of your show! Your people skills are amazing,and your humbleness shines through. All I can say is you won her very naive heart, and we are greatfull to you for that! Thank you for being a great human being! Many Blessings to you and yours...
MY husband and I and a couple of friends saw you Friday night 020614 @ Sams burgers, had a great time and you were above awesome. We had a great time.
I missed your show at the angry elephant last night, but I'll see y'all next Thursday :) I love dancing to your music
Hey Ruben I was introduced to your music by a very special friend of mine and a follower of yours for years she knows your hole story and family and I know way you have this oar around you and you are a very special human being I am from NY city and I have heard lots of musician in my life but I honestly can say that you are in my top musicians and the way you are with your fans is off the hook I saw you at The Grill the first time and after that I have been to Fralo’s Pizza across from the gill and at Calientes and every time you have come up to me and shake my hand you are an AWESOME!! Person and a GREAT MUSICIAN!! May the hand of the Lord continue over you and yours and may He open the windows of heaven and shower you with is love and protection till they over flow. Don’t change my friend and continue what the Lord has put you to do in this earth Be Blessed.
great fun at Dr Rockits December 30. you're very cool to your fans
Nice site Ruben I can't wait to see you play at Harmon's. And I need to see you play at another place. See you soon.
I'm from Chicago and since being in the San Antonio area I have enjoyed catching your shows in the area.
last night rocked at Cibolo, great seeing you after 26years. Cristo es mas que BUENO -- because he defies all catagories of good!
So,Ruben... do you even know how much your music impacts your fans? I'll tell you from experience, the 'afterglow' lasts for days. I fall asleep to the sound of your guitar playing in my head! I wake up to hear your beautyful voice singing your songs. I love the new songs, especially "True"; so sweet & melodious, awesome lyrics too. Fabulous news to hear that you're going back into the studio. Congrats on that, you and the band are sounding tight! You are just so intoxicating my friend, my spirit is revived by your sweet music. Keep invading my dreams babe, my life just wouldn't be the same without you in it...
Would love it if you came to Amarillo
mr v absolutely in fatically your talent is stellar//// likes of which i have seen with stevie ray vaughn, carlos santana, scorpions, vanhalen, ufo , maxwebster, judest priest, ozzy, motley crue, rolling stones, triumph, crack the sky, april wine, rick james, chick corea, bruce springsteen, red hot chilli peppers, don dokken, pat benetar, robin trower, guns and roses, quite riot, and lets not forget accept,,,,, faboulous guitar, vocals and showmanship, great stage presance,,, im so looking foward on seeing you world tour.... lets kick some.......brother dan the man with the plan
Rueben, just wanted to say again what an AWESOME show it was at La Luna Saturday night Sept 7th. The show actually left me stunned days later (in a GOOD way). You ARE a San Antonio NATIONAL TREASURE!
Hey Ruben! Just had to let you know that your music really does 'fill my soul'... I'm blessed to have you in my life brother. Lovin the new T-shirt! People stop me to ask about you when i wear your T's, and that's awesome! Stay gorgeous, love ya.
You always seem to amaze me more and more when your in your zone!! Every time I meet someone new, the first thing I ask, "what kind of music do you like?", let me introduce you to Ruben...instant fan!! Keep rockin and see you at the shows!
After listening to Ruben V for the first time live, I was truly energized and admired his passion for music. He obviously truly enjoys what he does and his fans love it! He is amazing and I have become a new Ruben V fan
Going to see RV tonight with the family. Hope to see all Fans
There was an exclusively instrumental song that was written quite awhile back that showcases Ruben's exquisite guitar talents. I cannot remember the name of the song. Ruben informally referred to it as "A Talk with God" during a show close to Spring Branch north of San Antonio last November or so. It was the last song he played at a blues bar in Corpus Christi a a few weeks ago on a Saturday night, and again, he said the name of the song. I'd recognize the title if I saw it, so I checked both iTunes and Amazon to look through the albums and song titles to no avail. Could you provide me the name of the song, which album it is on, and where I could purchase it? I would very much appreciate it. I love Ruben's music. Living in Dallas I don't get to hear it as much as I'd like, but it is well worth the trip to San Antonio to hear a live show on occasion. Thank you again!
Hey Ruben, I really enjoyed your show last night at the Grill at Leon Springs. I was the one that talked to you about liner notes and analog amps. I've been a fan of live original music for most of my life and you guys really had it together. It was a real pleasure meeting you. We'll be out to see you again soon. David Mieth www.davidallenvoicetalent.com/songwriting
Ruben I was turned on to your music about a decade ago by my big brother Sam who took me to one of your shows and became an instant fan. I have been to many shows both electric and acoustic and appreciate that you put your heart and soul into every show keep bringing us the great music brother.
Please add San Antonio Blues Society to your list of friends.
Thanks for Rockin every single performance that you entertain us with, its always a great show and I'm on edge from start to finish. If I only had your God given talent I wouldn't want to emulate any body but you brother. For now, my air guitar is mastered..lol Thanks and continued blessings for you!!
Wonderful to have this to refer people to. Hang on, the ride is going to be exciting.
looks wonderful!
Nice site, Ruben! :)
Het Ruben ! ...Go to my page and acces your U-tube interview on SAMUSICIANSTALKSHOW . I THINK YOU'LL FIND IT INTERESTINGLY FUNNY . Please tell Lisa and the guys . Y'all did real well and it was a pleasure to have experienced it with you man . Ed Ocampo Sr.
Me and the wife here at dr rockits enjoying ruben v's soulfull music, your friends from kingsville
I'm a loyal fan of Ruben V. He's got more talent than anyone I listen to with all his originals. Love them. Love the voice ...keep it up Ruben I can see music is in your veins you truly enjoy what you do. Know you will become a famous rock star one day. I'm just lucky to be a friend. .
I love Ruben V. A friend introduced me to his music and I've been a fan since then. I try to go see him as often as my schedule permits. I tell everyone about him and his music.
Been out of the live music scene due to a lot of travelin'. But I saw a lady with a Ruben V t-shirt. Allright!!! You're merchandising, too cool. I'm coming to a show soon to get me some Ruben V t-shirts. Put em on your website. See ya soon!
Are you going to be at the Dallas guitar show? They need to have you back.
man found you on the rio grande pickup site, you really got it going.
Hi there i work with Mel Palacios and she has your pictures all in her office she is so proud of you... i am a new fan i have enjoyed your bio and i think that when ever your in Corpus i will finally get to go and hear your music... congradulations on your success... sinscerly , DIANA BARRIOS
Dude, We've missed seeing you at the Dallas Guitar Show for a few years now. What's UP, WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO THE big d?????
When are you coming back to Dallas Guitar Show........ we miss you????? BE a blessing.......
What a great show you put on for Ron tonight at Sam's! It was great to see veryone out to support him, he's one of the best. You really had it going on, man. Great night!
Hey man - just swung through here to check it out - saw an ad for a gig you were doing in the current. Heard from Ligaya lately? Take care - God Bless
Seen you for the first time Saturday 1-26-13 at the San Antonio Event Center and I was totally impressed to say the least. I am from Houston but might just plan a road trip to see you play again in San Antonio. Once again totally enjoyed your show!
Great concert at the Event Center, Great opening for the Lonely Boys, Thanks, A New Fan
Whaaaas up Ruben? I was adding you to my facebook page under favorites and saw you are playing this Saturday with Los Lonely Boys. Monty are on our way to San Antonio to see you...can't wait!
My wife and I caught you at the Cove Saturday night also. My wife had seen you many times and was a fan before Saturday but, this was the first time I'd ever seen an entire set by you. I knew from the few times I've caught just one or two tunes by you that you are awesome, but dude, you're a MONSTER!!! Like I said, you play like I do...in my dreams. Needless to say, you have a new fan for life. And let the Cove know, the only reason we came down there was to check you out; their food was good, but we came because of you.
Hi, Ruben. I saw your show at The Cove and was totally blown away. You have a very talented band and your guitar skills are through the roof. Can't wait to catch another show. Best of luck!
Hey man I bought your old Gibson V from guitar center today. I saw your signature on it and they said to look you up. Cool stuff.
We caught your VEE show last night at Floores and loved it. Definitely love the new sound and look! Keep us updated on any new VEE shows!
Nice to see you and your band rock it in Port A. I was the gal who passed your tip jar. Would do it again. Hopefully I will see you play in Austin. Peace and Love- Christine
Saw you at the Cove in September. As soon as I heard your music, I knew you had something special. Bought your latest CD. I crank it up on my way to work most mornings. Can wait to see you live again.
Great performance at Harmon's Barbeque! Good food! too.
My friend took me to your show last night...really enjoyed it! A true performer...felt like I was in your living room. Keep it up, I'll be a fan for life. Thanks!
Friend invited me to your show "Loved it" I can't stop talking about you, You are awesome. Great show, I will continue to promote you.
Ruben I love hearing your music. I've been a fan for years. You should get a twitter account. It's a good way for your music to reach out to the masses!
First timer: My son and I saw your performance at the BB King show on 8/19/12 in San Antonio. You did a great job opening for a lifetime American legend. I enjoyed your set and look foward to seeing and hearing more.
Hi Ruben - just wanted to give you props for absolutely shredding last night before B.B. King!! I'm definitely a fan.
Ruben.....thanks for lighting up the stage at Dr. Rockits in CC . I'm still on cloud nine from your performance lastnight as I watched your fingers fly all over your guitar and heard your one of a kind lyrics as you sang the to beautiful music you make .....you're an angel in disguise ....
Haven't seen you since Cibilo Creek Church days....well couple times but been a longgggg time. Can't wait to see you again tonight at H20, so excited!
Great night at Sealy Flats in San Angelo. Looking forward to your return. Have Ruben V CD's streaming thru the house :-) Have added you to my favorites... Los Lonely Boys and Santana.
Great show at Pier 27 - beyond amazing.......I was transported :-) So enjoyed meeting and chatting with you. Would love to see lyrics of the Spanish song you guys did in the final set - "Angel levantarme" or something similar?
Its so awesome that RubenV is at the Harley Davidson place again today, I missed him yesterday... but what's even better is that I am sitting on my balcony able to listen to his wonderful music. Thanks Ruben for making my Sunday morning a delight with your music. Gotta go, back out on the balcony. Love ya!
just wanted to say hello and sorry we missed your birthday. So Happy Birthday.
Ruben I first saw you in San Antonio in 96-97 during Fiesta. I bought one of your $5 cd's. I was so moved by the entire cd specifically a song on there called "Babygirl" or something to that reference. Wondering if you could please tell me the name of that cd, if I can get it again and provide the lyrics of that song. Thank you PS - Happy Belated Birthday - My mom shares a birthday with you
Happy birthday Ruben, Hope it's a great day for you!! :)
So glad to hear u r enjoying your trip to Turkey...You have certainly given the troops some great music... travel safe and we'll see u back in San Antonio...
Los Lonely Boys should have opened for YOU last night Ruben !
Ruben, great set tonight with Los Lonely Boys. Got to see two of my favorite live bands tonight, you and LLB. A most excellent night, for sure !!!
I am really excited to see YOU and Los Lonely Boys this Friday!!!! :)
GREAT show last night at H2O! Can't wait to have you back!
Sure was good to listen to your inspiring music all last week especially at Freetails....Had a blast.... see you at Sams..
It was so awesome hearing you play in Austin tonight! Since moving to Dripping Springs area, we weren't sure how often we would make it to SA. Thanks for playing our songs and making for another great evening! BTW our friends who were with us were from the UK and have finally heard Great Blues music!!
yes! goin' to see ruben friday nite at rolling oaks! in town from georgia, been big ruben fans for a number of years and always make a point of catching a show in s.a. when visiting. ruben always delivers, never lets us down w/his phenomenal talent. thanks for all the good feeling, ruben!
Heard you last year in SA singing 'She's trouble"...love it! Thanks for writing a song about me!! lol This trouble has a plan...going to itunes to download it. Thanks
Ruben, it was a pleasure and an honor meeting you tonight at The Cove. I'm adding a number of your tracks from "Come To Me" onto my station's playlist and you will now have exposure to a much larger and diverse audience. Look me up on Facebook and check out my station's FB page "Rhythm & Jazz Radio." Let's talk soon about what else my station can do for you. As I always say, "I'm always about the bands and the artists."
Ruben, my Pal, How is everything? Would love to see you show. Miss seeing you at Harmons. Stay intouch. Roger
It was a pleasure to have spent family time with you while visitng down here in the Valley. I just had to look you up on the web. Iam mesmorized by your accomplishments it great. I wish you luck and more success. Say hi to your family.
I heard your music for the first time at the Grill on Friday, Feb. 4 never knew I liked Blues unitl I heard you. Your music was awesome and loved it! You Rock! See you next time!
I saw you at the coffee house at schreiner and love your music. I plan to be at Pampell's on the 17th to see you again.
Loved the show at Sams Burger Joint just recently played. We love Ruben...he is so talented! Proud to know him!
Are you playing at the Dallas International Guitar Festival this year? I think you're one of the best every year at that event. The proof is in the PRS endorsement!!!
Hey Rueben Nurse and I really did enjoy you at The Cove on Saturday. It had been quite sometime or should I say years snce we had heard you perform live. But as usual we were not disappointed.
Love your shows, try to catch you in SA as often as possible. Thank for the great tunes. Keep Rocking the Blues and strumming that guitar. Peace and God Bless
Awesome New Year's Eve show in CC!! Thanks! :)
hey ruben we are still waiting to come out and play in dallas or ft worth, texas. there is a cool place in dallas that is called "the kessler" del castillo has played there a couple of times check it out and maybe you set it something at this place and my hubby and i will be there to watch you play.
Wonderful music! Awesome sound!
How can I buy a copy of the CD The Truth The Way The Life? I've seen you in San Antonio and would love a copy........thanks
We were in town on Saturday and decided to check out Sam's Burger Joint. It was a great pleasure to hear your music. If you're ever in the Ft. Worth area, we'll be there. Check out Keys Lounge in Ft. Worth. Would be a great venue for your band. Thanks.
We enjoyed ur show at crossroads!! Can't wait foe the new song. Milk and honey.
My brother Russell Banton,San Antonio, Texas, says that he is a Ruben V. groupy which surprises him at his age and the fact that he, before listening to Ruben, did not know that he liked Blues music. I have listened to Blues for years and so I am excited that Russell, his wife Sandy and his son and daughter all love Ruben's music. It is my hope that someday Ruben will be asked to come to Maine for the Blues Festival in Rockland, Maine. Don
Yo Ruben! Just stopping by to say I love your style of music man and like always you make it worth going into work every time you play out on my patio at The Grill man! Cant wait till Friday! Safe and illustrious journeys Ruben! Keep making that guitar having lots of "SAFE" sex with everyones ears!!! HA! -Your boy on the patio Mike L.
Saw you at The Cove last time. My very first time. I will never forget it. Your music was awesome & your are too. My friends loved your show. We will see you at the Grill next Friday for sure.
I heard your music for the first time last night at the cove and I love it! You rock!!!
Ruben and gang, great meeting you for the first time at the Cove, San Antonio. I just returned to Ft Lewis area and started spreading the word of your great music. Thanks for the great night of tunes and CD.
Efraim and I were so happy we caught your show In Port A It was great--as always! And thank you so much for singing a song for me that Efraim requested. It really made my birthday special. God Bless You and Your Family always. Pammy
miss seeing you play, hope to see you soon. God bless, love you!
Hi Ruben! Keep on rockin'! Great show at The Grill last Friday! See you next time!
Talent + passion = no limits
Vista Valet apts. remember Annie was a little girl? She's a mother of 2 now! and a GREAT tattoo artist. see her work at anniemesstattoos.com :) Haven't heard you play in forever, but my sister Neka has! I'll see you one of these days...
Your music always lifts my spirits. Thanks Ruben - I'm a huge fan!
I love your music and live performances. Can't wait to see you in Pleasanton in a a couple of weeks.
Thanks for jazzing up my life with your music. I'm a forever fan.
From your friends from KINGSVILLE,TX, Ruben about 10 min. ago i woke my wife out of bed and made her come outside to my car because they were playing "When i hear smiling" on B.B. Kings BLUESVILLE and after the song he mentioned Ruben V. from Texas. Man , Ruben if you only knew how long i have been waiting for them to play your music on bluesville, GOOD JOB,Love your friends in low places
Bobby and I were at your show last night (Aug. 6th) at Harmons. Fantastic show! You were tired...from earlier show at Caliente's, Yet you gave your all to us! Thanks Ruben! P.S. Great new Drummer....
Ruben, great show last night at The Cove. my friends and i really liked the show. just some awesome guitar work. I've seen you once before iwant to say the driving range on 1604, its been a few years. Man listen, you keep doing what you do on that stage with that six string. Thanks for a great show, thanks for signing my CD and Koozie. Hope to catch another show soon.
My fiance and I seen you for the first time last night at the BBQ restaurant, not sure the name because we just moved here but WOW you guys really kicked it last night. Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and you are really amazing on the guitar. i thought it was great you went through a few strings and a bass drum and still had an awesome show. We even had to buy a couple of your cd's. Thanks for the great time last night we really enjoyed your music alot. Your Fans, Cody Howard, and Carissa Smith
Awesome performance at Sam's yesterday! I enjoyed every minute of it!
Hi Ruben! just loaded my i Pod with your tunes ! LUV IT ! i wanna i wanna ! hopefully will see you @ Sam's! Take care, safe travels, God bless, and keep rocking! XO
We would love to see the lyrics to "Simply Wonderful" posted. See ya soon my friend! Ride safe!
Hey Ruben, my friend Doreane Esqueda who by the way is one of your most loyal fans, took me to hear you for my first time at The Back Porch in Port A this past April 15th. Man I have to tell you that was one heck of a show. Loved you music especially Simply Wonderful which reminds me of my GF Doreane. We will certainly be catching the rest of ur shows here in CC. God bless you always remember that your music is well said to be the speech of angels. Take care.
Hey buddy! Kathy and I will be going to CC in May, hope to catch you at Dr.Rockitts!
Ruben, it was great meeting you yesterday at GC! Rick is a good friend and I'm glad he introduce you to me. We'll see you soon at an upcoming show.
Hey V,I just moved back to SA since my husband died. You dedicated a song to us just before we got married. I don't expect you to remember, just wanted to say thank you again. I hope to see you soon. God Bless
Last night at Harmon's BBQ The 'Reverend' Ruben was in great form, especially when he played his newest hit single '(I need a) Blessing' after a few equipment failures. He, Kevin and Val gave us another incredible performance last night.
I'm coming down for the Dallas Guitar show again. Really hope to see you there. You're always a highlight. Maybe we can catch up. Be a Blessing!
Thanks for making my 50th birthday a night to remember. The 80 friends of mine that were there all loved you and can't wait to see you again. You may be the "legend of San Antonio now, but soon you will be the legend of Galveston County!
Saw you in JCSS and went to the In his hands CD party. Used to drive down St. Mary's and listen to find where you were playin' you have one awesome band! Moved away in 98 and miss Ruben V rockin the house!
Please come rock Corpus Christi on spring break!!!! "Those 6 Strings!!"
I am a big fan already! Great sound! I can't wait to open your show at The Cove on Feb 19th. Preview me at bobbystjohn.com
Great pictures, friend! Jonesin for some RV...need to go hear ya play so I'm checkin your dates! Happy day!
jeff and melissa from cincinnati say thank you to ruben and the boys for such a rockin time we had at sams over thanksgiving weekend cant wait for our next trip to san antonio to catch you again!!
Saw you last night at Harmons BBQ for the first time and you were amazing.God blessed you with a musical talent,and you use it very well..can't wait to see you again..) Merry Christmas )
Hey ruben; wanted to ask if it would be possible to get ahold of a copy of your Let Me In c.d. Im afraid someone has walked out with miine. and you so generously signed the case for me for my birthday awhile ago. I love love the song Golden Slumbers on it. It was a nice surprise to hear it on that c.d. Thank, Pam Palacios
hi Ruben : my family and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and safe New Year. I hope we can catch another show soon. It was great seeing you in Corpus last month. Stay gold. God Bless you and yours. Pam
Mr Ruben V. its been awhile since me and my wife have seen youj play your heart out but that drought will come to an end on dec 17 in corpus. God Bless Ruben see ya soon .YOUR FRIENDS FROM KINGSVILLE
If you ever get to ST Louis, MO or even Chicago, IL, please email me ahead of time. I'd love to come see/hear you play.
I'm a friend of Rick Stikeleather. He just turned me on to your website & music. GREAT blues by the way! Love the sound and your voice...
I saw you at the Late Night @ the DMA in Dallas. Your music was fabulous. I'm 15 and I aspire to become a professional guitarist. Seeing you perform was a great experience.
lots of friends of La Onda turned more of us on to your wONDAful music. Thank You!
I discovered your music through a friend of mine Rick Stikeleather... LOVE IT.
Caught you playing at The Cove last night (11/6). What an AWESOME performance. First thing I did rolling out of the parking lot was put your CD on, to listen to it on the way home. Thanks for chatting me up after the show. You're real and sing from the heart & soul! I love that! Keep up the great work. I can't wait to bring my friends & family to see you when they come to visit!
My two friends and I caught your show at the Cove and then had a chance to talk to you in the parking lot afterwards. I can't rant and rave enough - you blew us away: I think it was the best live show I have ever seen in my 50 years. You have more energy and style after a 4 hour show than most artists have at the beginning. We will definitely be seeing you again and bringing our friends! Also posting to Facebook and Twitter as well.
hey brother, another mother not withstanding, lets catch up...
Thanks for playing the benefit this last weekend. Watching you is always a learning experience.
Hey there Ruben,just wanted to say that it was great seeing you in the Bear Moon Bakery on Tuesday ,10/5/2010. in Boerne..it was my first day to start there, and it brought back old memories from the past when I would see you perform..so excited that you will be at MICasa on Friday, got to work, but will be there shortly after. Nice ride by the way...My husband and I ride as well, would be real cool to catch the wind with you...See ya on Friday..
Remember "Crazy Frogs" in Cypress, TX? Now it's "On The Rox". $100,000.00 upgrade. It's big and it"s beautiful. We've been begging the new owners to book you! I see you are coming to Cypress Saloon, Oct. 17. See you there man.
Just FYI - I've asked Pandora to add you to their list of artists avaialble on their site. ALthough I've heard you on XM, everytime I search for your name on Pandora, nothing comes up. Just found out today that you can suggest artists, so I did!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Chris Duarte is on there - you should be, too!
Ruben, I just want to thank you for Sending Alexis Cook a Get Well Card it means so much to her and she always talks about all the times she use to dance to your music. she is still in the hospital recovering, and as soon as she gets her new leg we will be there to see her dance to your music again.
We loved your show last night at the Cove! Thanks for sharing your talent with everyone!
Great show at Dan's Friday night, Look forward to your next show in Houston. Rickey and Lea
Man!!!!....Cheryl and Sharon were right!....YOU ARE A JAMMER!!!!!!!!!!! I've gone from an SRV fan, to an RV fan! Thanks for the Rockin show the other night.
Hey Ruben, it's been a long time since those days at Buc's in Fredericksburg, but I haven't forgotten how much fun we had. I always enjoyed talking to you and hope we can again. Just wanted you to know there is a new venue here, that I think is just your style, it's called the Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse and they've been getting some great entertainment, but they ain't seen nothin' yet. I know the management and with your permission I'd love to give them your name. With any luck you'ld be playin' up here again, "cause the good Lord knows, we need somebody to come up here and rock the house, the way you used to. Best wishes always my friend, hope to see you again, God bless. Keep on "pickin'."
Ruben my friend, last nights show at Sam's was incredible! You shared the stage with Michael Martin with such grace...what a performance. I know its been a while since I've been out to see you, however, you never disappoint. Freakin AWESOME! Love & God bless!
Ruben...Rolling Oaks Bar & Grill is OPEN AGAIN! Please come back and bring all your rockin' blues friends too!! Yet another great show at Sam's Burger Joint recently...da joint was hoppin'!!!
Hey Ruben, Thanks for being so nice to my friend Dee from San Francisco and my friend David from Forth Worth at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch. They have actually heard your music through me. They were looking forward to seeing you when they came to SA and they were not disappointed! Thanks for the wonderful music! It was great meeting Cale and your kids. Keep on Rockin V!
RubenV. I LOVE your music! Discovered you through my former work buddy Whailen Garcia. He is a die hard fan and I am close behind. Keep up the great work. Lucy A.
Hey bro ,caught your gig at Caliente ,as always love the music...give me a call when your ready to ride.I have the black bobber you saw there.
Great show at Poodies last night.
Luna, Friday night, watching you live right now (11:30 pm) Best local talent in SA! Keep it up man!
Fantastic, sexy sound. Love it! Will be bringing friends to your next venue.
Ruben, Long time no see. I use to come see you play at the Crazy Horse Salloon on St. Mary's and Sams Burger Joint before you moved to Dallas for a spell. I'm going to try to make it to the Cove tonite. Laterz..
Hi Ruben. I met you at The Long Bar on a Wednesday in April at the prompting of our mutual friend Mark Tucker. You are awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I was hoping to expose some other members of my family to your music at The Long Bar ... will you be playing that venue anymore? I don't see it on your calendar anymore.
Hey Ruben I was just in San Antonio for Onel's wedding and one of my biggest regrets is that i didnt get to see you this trip. I really wanted to come out to one of your gigs but its didnt work out ... i was sad that you couldnt make it to the wedding but i know you had to work. well take care and God bless... sincerly Onel's sister flor
Hey Ruben, just wanted let you that we saw you play along with Del Castillo in San Antonio on June 12 and you guys were AWESOME TOGETHER at the end of the show. Your show earlier was awesome also keep up the good work. May God Bless your Band...
Hey Ruben my husband and I and my brother and his wife drove down from Dallas to see Del Castillo but you put an awesome show also. You music is good and keep up the good work and I hope to see you soon in the DFW area soon. May God Bless your band...
Great job at the private party last weekend - we'll get out for that ride one of these days! Later-
Hey stranger -how's it going? we miss you, this is feather & mike Rabe call or email would love to catch up. 830-277-1749 hope to here from you love ya'll & keep rockin
Ruben, its been a while man! me n cuszin sergio hope to see u and the guys soon!!
you are an awesome guitar player. every time we travel to san antonio we try to catch your show! worth the travel!! you need to travel to our corner of the u.s. and treat the southern folks to some totally brilliant guitar!
hey ruben riding the harley to rockits for your show fri nite, do you want to meet up to ride your bike to the show? maybe meet at 1604/37s
Everyone who hears you play CLOSE THE DOOR is amazed at your guitar playing abitlity. What a great song. We have not heard WHOLE LOT OF ROSIE in a long time, which is another crowd favorite. San Antonio needs to come hear a great guitar player and support him, he is a VERY VERYspecial talent. Come see for your self, you will awed by what you see and hear from Ruben V.
Great site bro. Congrats on all your successes!
love the music.............huge fan !
Ruben I still think you need to record Dimples. Its get to see you doing so well. Peace and love my brother
Caught your act at Anhalt Hall on April 10th and you guys sounded amazing. That was our first time to catch one of your gigs and we will surely be catching you at some of the local gigs. San Antonio residents are very lucky to have such a unique talent in our area.
Ruben: Mom loves the Letter from Heaven song...She listens to it every morning. She has found immense comfort in it and wanted me to express her thankfulness. It has been two years since Sarah passed away and she said this is possibly the first time she has encountered some PEACE because of your words in the song.. Thanks for being so special to all of our family!
Tried to listen to you on 3-20, the weather was cold and windy. We left early, felt so bad. Love your music.
We saw Ruben V on St. Patty's day at Freetail and again last night at The Cove. Awesome show both nights! We look forward to future shows.
1st time i saw Ruben V was at Fiesta a few yrs back, then i would go to Rebars to catch a few of his gigs. Tonite i'll catch at the Cove and that will be my 1st time there een though i passed it 1.000,000 times haha Gotta love live music and rock and roll . I know you will jam out tonite
GET A TWITTER DUDE! Tweet about your shows so I know to GO! Sincerely, a true fan. =)
sorry we haven't seen you in a while, but we will soon. don now has his shop and is very busy. we miss your great music & maybe we will see y on my sons bday or sooner!
Ruben V Rocks!!!! Smokin hot guitarist, who writes songs with a poetic spirit. He has got a song for your every mood, your every craving. Love him live, love his albums, love Ruben V.
I saw your show in Corpus in 07. Great show. It influenced our band to write a song about Corpus Christi called CCTX about a weekend in C.C. The show we attended is featured in the song.
Ruben,come back to IHOP after your next San Antonio show!I didnt get your autograph. Teresa Bring me a T shirt or a CD!
any word on who your guests will be here in Houston on Dec 11th? I'll be celebrating a birthday at your show!! Yea!!
Heard one your tunes on satellite, I am impressed. When can we expect to see ruben in the twin cities, or maybe on the LRBC. Can't wait to see a show. Blues fan in MN.
I was here..txprnzes...Donna...brneyedgrl4545.....on myspace.....can't wait to see you in Houston on Dec 11th....OMG~!!!! This girl is very excited.....
Hi Ruben-- Had a great time watching the show last Wednesday at Sam's Burger Joint with you and Jeff Strahan. Nice "Vewgas" touch with the dancers-LOL. Robin.
I can remember when you were just a choir boy with a guitar in high school. Saw that you were going to be in Snyder....we may drive over and catch your show!
Ruben! Killing show man! Keep doing ya thing! Best, Nadine
Ruben, When you gonna play in Ft Worth?
Just got to know your music last night at Republic House (Oct 24). I was with the chicas up front ;). WOW - gotta bring the hubby next time. Totally forgot to buy a CD but thank goodness for ITunes. Keep up the awesome job!
I´m visiting Texas from 25th Oct.-1st Nov. coming from Germany ( remember your friend from 1993 ) and hopefully listen to one or two of your wonderful concerts. Take care and see you Runi
Ruben - Heard your song "She's Trouble" on Sirus today (of course, BB King Bluesville station channel 74). What a GREAT song, with GREAt lyrics. I had never heard your music before today, and I'm going to download that song from iTunes. Keep rockin' with the blues. Princessa Pamster
Hi Ruben I am the landlord of The Black Bull Public House and Restaurant in Donington near Boston in Lincolnshire U.K. A friend of yours Chris Lamb Lives nearby and he gave me your Labour of Shame C.D. I play it regularly, as back ground music, especially on Sunday evenings when it is quiet enough to hear it. Chris has nw given me your latest Come to Me which you were kind enough to sign. I am really enjoying it. You signed it come to Texas, I think that is just what I will do I just love the music. Thank you very much. Kind Regards, Malcolm Mills
Hi Ruben, Missed y'all in Houston the other nite. The whole family has been sick so we missed your show. We plan to come your way sometime soon and hunt out one of your shows. I need my Ruben V live fix taken care of. So it's going to be a road trip Camping up that way may be the right move too. Hope to see ya soon. Mark McMillen
New cd rules........
Hey Ruben, I miss you Man! gotta hear your music. I've worn my CD's out. Checking the schedule to see when I can catch you next. Tell Cale and the kids I said hello. Love you dude.
Enjoyed the CD release party at the Josephine. I hope u will start an annual fan sponsorship drive-maybe raise the membership to $100 but provide some extra perks ( more free entrances, extra cd copies to give to friends, etc.) I'm pulling for your success!
Great show friday 9/4/09 in CC and thanks for playing "babygirl" for me, look forward to the release of your greatest hits album in Nov. Maybe you can post the lyrics and song on your web page.
Hey Ruben, give me a call. Glad you are going to be at Dan Electro's soon. Benn a long time! Reed R
Hey Ruben, heard "Grow Some Wings" playing on KSYM today. From the first notes, I thought, "that sounds like Ruben V." I was sure it was you when you started singing. Loved the song, will be buying the CD for my collection. Haven't been able to get out to hear you play in while but I wanted to congratulate you on the new CD. Take Care.
Ruben, You and the band were just Incredible ! The Josephine Theater "Come to Me" CD release party Aug. 29th, 2009 was a blast for myself and my wife. First time I saw you was at Gruene Hall a few years ago when you opened up for Delbert McClinton. After you played I actually forgot who I was there to see in the first place! In my opinion you stole the show. The new CD is GREAT and we will certainly catch you again soon. It was fantastic to see Barry "Frosty " Smith filling in on drums for you. Is this the same Frosty that played with Lee Michaels in the late 60s or early 70s? Welcome to San Antonio "Frosty"!!! Ruben, keep on doing what you do so very well. Thanks for the Music!!!
Hey Ruben, Look forward to seeing you and hearing your music this Friday at Dr. Rockits in CC. I am going to try to gather some old friends to meet me there.
Hey Ruben, Fridays show rocked as always!!! That black Les Paul fits you well. Got to hook up with you to see what you think of the little red SG I hot rodded. Let me know what is good for you. Jack
when i see your band it always makes me feel "Happy".......... Thanks for the great tunes!! ;-)
I was visiting f a friend in SA and she took me to see your 7/3 show at Chango's. WOW! Masterful control and feeling for the music. Saying that I was impressed was a great understatement. I was blown away by the intensity. I'll be spreadng the word about ut you to all of my peeps here in Indianapolis. Can't wait to come back and catch another show in October.
Been missin you man. It's been way too long since you've made a trip to Houston. Guess I'm gonna have to hit the road and come your way. I was hoping to make the Robert Cray show but it was too close to my daughter's wedding. I'm sure you rocked the house and reached a few new fans. God Bless, and hope to see you soon.
Me, and my wife Carol started dating in our teens during the late 70's, and as now were riding motorcycles. This brings us to you. We without knowing had been at many of the same concerts, bands such as Aerosmith, Santana, Rush, just to name a very few. We found this out later when we met and had the same ticket stubs, (we all used to save back then, and we still have) 7.00 for a great seat to see Aerosmith at Hemisfair. No mas. Well as usual I always get off track. Well I'm a frustrated musician wanna be, and with you, let me say, we both like what we see, and more importantly hear. You got "IT". The music, the charm, the down to earth. Love it bro. And as a fellow Harley riders, I think you know what I mean. We first heard you at Caliente, and were there when you had the former Santana singer. I remember an amp blowing out, and how cooly and non-chalantly you left to get another. I would have been in absolute panic mode. And you played on, giving people what they came to hear. You encompass all the influences you mention as mentors and blend it with your own style. There's no question we like some of the same bands. I hope, and believe there should be good things coming your way. And while I'm sure you know this already because you do it, but when you do a gig to help the down and out, it does not go un-noticed. I just heard the songs posted on your website, and they'll soon be on our Blackberry's which are like our ipods. Having been around people people like Augie Myers, the late Doug Sahm and the like, (my cousin owns Blue Cat recording studio). You put out the vibe bro. So just keep doing what you do, and we look forward to hearing you soon, and we know we'll be at Caliente for sure. By the way, I know Fred must dig your groove. Take care, Donney, and Carol Pena
Thoroughly enjoyed your show, as always!
Message: I am 55 yrs. old and retired. I have written some songs that seems to go over well with some friends. I would like to submit them to Ruben V. I do seek none other that modest fair treatment, should he find he can use them. For me this seems a delusional stretch, but what the heck. Could you pass this on to him for his consideration. I know he must be busy. I will try to be at his next San antonio venue and will likely only approach him if he responds to my e-mail address. Thank you and may God bless. Should you be interested, feel free to e-mail or call me at the attached number. I hope to be at your next S.A. venue.
Ruben..I am trying to get a reserved table at Sams for the 25th..but it will not let me pay for it on your website or Sams website..i will gladly pay for it ..but neither website will let me..want to have a table for the show..let me know how to do this..hope you are having a great show in C.C...Let me know how to get that table..
Ruben, I used to listen to you as often as I could in SA. I've since moved to New Orleans and want you to come out here. I hope you remember me talking to you about that a couple of years ago. I'm working on the House of Blues to sign you up for a gig here in the Crescent City. I hope I can pull it off and make your tour here a success. I hope you and your family are well. Happy 4th!
So..what is up with you and the Austin legends..Frosty..David..Tommy..are you guys going to perform more shows..have been to all of your shows..and they were great..I knew Clifford Antone and he would love to see you guys do more shows..and trust me he knew music..he taught me a great ear for talent.
Monty and I will be in Corpus the end of September for our anniversary and are hoping we will be able to get our "Ruben V Fix" It's been too long! We will continue to check your calender and hope to see / hear you soon. Can't wait for the new CD ! Take Care! Rosalie
Thanks for having "Church" at The Cove" Saturday! I think that was my favorite performance so far! Too bad your music was so hot that the speakers couldn't take it!! God Bless!
Ruben, We had a blast last night at The Cove. We brought in some new fans last night. They all loved you and one of them thought you should be on T.V. Thanks again for playing my old favorite.. The Way, The Life and The Truth. Its was awesome as always! God Bless and Thank you! Barbara Hernandez-Chavez
Tonight at The Cove was great --hadn't seen you in a couple years (shame on me). I enjoyed the teases for the CD -- looking forward to the release party. Thanks for always putting on a great show.
Ruben Thank You!!! I had such a great time at Harmon's on Saturday! The birthday bash was a great time to come out after all this time. You and the guys sounded better than ever and the new songs were awesome! Thanks for letting me sing along to the old stuff too...I know you heard me. lol. I'll make sure it's not another 2 years before i'm back out to see a show. Guys keep up the great work and continued success. Can't wait to have the new cd sent out so I can start playing it for all of us here on the west coast! Your fanbase is nationwide brother! Thanks again for great show. God Bless You and yor Family. Your California Brother, Dave p.s. The new tats look sweet!
Ruben I want to book you soon for some events. Please call me at 210-264-3700. Thanks Chris
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBEN! You have been a God-send into my life 4 years ago! I love your music and the way you & your guitar become one. I wish you all the best in the coming year which should be SMOOTH considering you will have a new CD coming out! Keep enjoying your life and making your music. I know Stevie is msiling down on you when he sees you playing with Tommy and the guys! Can't wait to see you at Harmon's! Siempre con amor y cariño!
V, Note the old dog and chris taylor links don't work anymore. Hope to come out next week to see you at the Grille. Cheers
you rock !!!!
thoroughly enjoyed you at the Dallas Guitar Show, Apr 18! I'm considering using a Martin, electrified, in my contemporary Christian gig; I could use some comments about your preferences in pickups, effects...You don't owe me, but I'm now a big fan of yours, and would be very grateful for some advice!
Reuben Great show at The Cove last night.
Will be @ Harmons on March 13th with bells on to rock out with you! Sharon
Hey Brother. It was so good to be over in San Antonio again and come out and listen to you and the Band. Life would be so much simpler and easier if people would take the opportunity to simply chill to some of your music. I feel blessed to know you as a friend and a great musician with a unique style. A class act that stands tall. Be safe in your travels and be blessed always.Looking forward to playing the new music in the local Pub. British Chris
Forgot to mention saw you @ Lunas. Jam session with those guys was incredible. Sharon
V. Really enjoy your music and performances everytime I'm @ one of your shows. Saw you @ Ray's and the new releases are beautiful and awesome. Your consistent with that special sound no matter what song you play. Thanks for the great music! Until your Memphis bound, see ya` again on the 13th! Sharon
Hey Ruben this is your California Brother Dave way out here in So.Cal,just wanted to say i hope what my family and I are sending helps you get to to where you need to be...in the studio! I haven't been able to come out there and see a show in about 2 years but i am counting the days until June. To come back to Texas and see old friends and listen to the greatest music ever, I can't ask for anything more. God Bless You and your family. In Christ, California Dave P.S. See Ya'll Soon!!
Ruben you are truly a great musician, I would love to donate for your trip!!!!! I look foward to hearing the new CD GOOD LUCK
Hi Ruben, Saw you perform for the first time on Saturday and I was very impressed! The Lord has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift. It was also a delight to find that you are a man of faith and a really nice guy! Blessings!-Your newest fan, Josie
Hey Ruben, Sandy and I are in Miami after the Caribbean. Thought I'd say hi and God bless. Not much in the way blues out here. I'll see ya soon. Orrin
Brings me back to the Stevie days,(I am old enough I saw him a few times) but you own your music. I cannot wait to experience the live you. Check out one of my "soul daughters". http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=97374705 See ya soon!
Dear Ruben, Every time I hear you perform I am blessed!
Hey Cuz, We miss you. When will you be in Amarillo, Tx. Come visit the panhandle area.
Thoroughly enjoyed your show at Casbeers Friday night AND the fact that your two daughters are named Liberty and Justice! Was a pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again soon. By the way, thank you for autographing my CDs - am listening to them constantly and reliving my amazing weekend in San Antonio. Thank you for being the right person at the right time for my soul(had finalized a divorce that day). Your music was perfect for my heart. All my best, America
I've seen you at the blues in alpine all but once. my question is..I'm a DJ on the local FM 92.7 on sundays 12 noon to 3p.m. Ive played most of your music:Labor O.S.,Troubles,Me & M.G.,Lucky D.,& I am.my playlist includes:Keb Mo',Bonnie Raitt,Willie,Eric Bibb,Patrice Pike,Tab Benoit,Eric Clapton,Delbert McClinton,just to name a few.I used to DJ AT THE MARFA NPR station until I got this gig in alpine, the staion owner liked my airplay and asked me to consider doing a show in alpine----so the rest is history. My question to you is do youo ever send out promo CD'S? If you do could you include me on your sendout list? Here is my address to the staion: C.O. THE G-MAN SHOW//KALP FM//P.O. BOX 9650//ALPINE, TEXAS 79831..Thanks for your time and concern if you are interested--P.S. please tell any other muscian friends if you care to do so. LAST P.P.S. I'm also from San Antonio--ADIOS THE "G"-MAN...
Keep the music going, it keeps our blood pumping.
ruben , i can't tell you how much i appreciated your music last night . i am so very happy that you are involved with my sons . they are young , energetic , talented and upward bound and you fit that bill to a "t". i wish you continued success and welcome to our familia . ray cevallos
I used to go see Ruben jam years ago, when the crazy horse was around, and when he would perform in the clubs downtown... I would love to get a hold of his first cd. My friends and I used to go almost every weekend. I would love to hear some of his new stuff and get some dates of when and where he is playing..
hey bro looking at your picture. time has past, time has aged ,time is good-will it last(yes).raise hell when you live ,not when your dead.say hellow too the family for me.GE of CC in CA . remember strong fight the good fight , cowards always run .
My friend Dave saw your show and brought your Labor of Shame CD to work...we're listening to it right now and it is very good...keep it up.
I saw you last summer @ the County Line in San Antonio & bought a CD which I was listening to on the plane on Sunday. Just looked @ their calender as I am heading there in the morning & saw where you will be there tomorrow night, 10/29/08. Made my day!
Ruben, I finally got to hear some of your music on the website. It's awesome! I'm still waiting on the CD you promised me. Not to worry, take care and be safe on those Harley's. I'm looking forward to seeing you play.
Looking forward to hearing u at Harmon's Saturday!!
Nice bio! Can hardly wait to meet you guys (band members), and here you play.
Well Ruben once again you have opened my heart to the sound of your voice I love your new music and to top it off I was so honored and proud to watch you and the Joe Trigo Band all in one night the only regret is that the evening went by way to fast until next time much love to you and yours God Bless You always Doreane
Ruben, just a line to say what a Real Pleasure it was for Us (JTB) to be Chosen to open the Show for you last Friday @ FriendZies. In a word, you were Awesome! I'd say it's just a Matter of Time before your Star Rises. (Big Time) Again, an Extreme pleasure to both Share the Stage with, & To watch your Performance. I understand you usually perform sans an opening act, but if you ever have need again, the Pleasure would be ours. Good Luck in the Future. Tony2
I just want to tell how much I enjoyed myself as well as my bandmates, lastnight at FrendZies. Your new material sounds great. I am honored to have been able to open up for you Ruben. I hope we can do it again!
I first heard your name thru Rockhills Church and when I heard your music I was blown away. I am relocating to the San Antonio area and would love to know when you will be at Rockhills again. It is inspiring to hear someone so very comfortable and openly able to express his love for Christ. Awesome sound and I look forward to seeing you play sometime.
Hey brother, it was a great pleasure and honor to meet you there at REDBONE and to get to watch play some guitar on several guitars. I thank God for blessing you with the wisdom and the years to know the difference and the impact that you have on the lives of so many people. your in my thoughts and prayers to the Big Daddy en el Cielo (JESUS). laters Bro...PEDRO
Ruben, enjoyed seeing you at Billy's Icehouse and plan on coming out to Wetmore on 9/18 to celebrate my birthday. I'll see if i can drag Steph and my sister along for the evening. Guy
Ruben, Miss you and your music in Houston (Cosmo's). Will have to make a road trip to San Antonio hopefully soon to take care of that though. Mark McMillen
hope to see you at the cove the end of this month still havin trouble buyin your music online God Bless Susan
Just wanted to say that I think it's awesome for a musician of your stature to openly express his love for Christ. Take care and God Bless! Warren
badass show on saturday in midland
Hi V, Boy it has been a while since I have seen you,8 yrs to be exact. Was playing one of your albums you autographed for me and Hector before our wedding and decided to look up your page. I am so happy you are still doing your thing.I will be ordering some more music of yours. We have moved from SA so have not had an oppertunity to see you. Do you ever come to McAllen or Harlingen? If you do please let me know by e mail or phone...e mail me and I will give you the # Love to you and yours, Mary Ann and Hector Salinas
sup guys? man! saw you guys for the first time at harmans sat nite! you guys rocked, in a better word, unbeleavable! born and raised in sa, and in every bar here in town, if your name comes up, theres a boat load people who say, "ive seen that guy, he's badass!" so i had the opertunity to go see you guys, and they were all right what they said about you and your band! cant wait to see yall play again! my chick loved the show as well! hope to see you soon, later!
Hey Guys!!! Heard you play at Froggie's in Houston the last 2 dates and think you are AMAZING! Will be sad when you guys move to bigger venues 'cause I enjoy the, for lack of a better word, intimacy of this small venue. Got a chance to talk a little bit with Brandon and Gabriel, sweetie pies both. How lucky you all are to be able to something of passion and happen to make some $ as a bonus! Looking forward to your next Houston date... from your latest fan, Erin
We have now seen you guys three times at Froggie's in Cypress. Next time you are there I'm going to invite all my friends and make them come see a musical miracle.
Hi there: Just wanted to say thanks for being such a kind soul. I'm Chris and Suzanne Holzhaus' sister-in-law. My husband and I are very grateful for the help you offered Chris and Suzanne during his illness. We wish you phenomenal success, and hope to hear you play sometime! Warmest regards, Veronika in Virginia
BLow you winds of love and touch those who are hurts of hate and pain and darkness has fall down many hopeless mens life.O lord let you love and power lift up my neighbor today to your green pastures joy and salvation and into light,Thanks and thank Jesus for you answer my cry.Thanks and bless to all ,keijo sweden
My wife and I saw you perform at TL&C this past Friday at Lake Ray Hubbard. We were both very impressed and I commented to you that your music was the freshest I had heard since SRV. I have since played your CD for several friends and co-workers and they all agree with the sentiment. Keep it up and hope to catch you next time you are in the Dallas area!!
Just wanted to stop by and say hello...Saw you for the first time this weekend at City Tevern in Dallas and I was blown away!!! The jam session that the show evolved into was nothing short of mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us here in D-Town.
Ruben I loved seeing and listening to you on Sat. at Executive Surf Club you have such a strong stage performance truly you are a breath of fresh air and only from the grace of God Me, Myself and I have the honor to hear you live.
I have been really blown away by the depth and pure genius of your music. Your videos on tunetoad.com are freaking unbelievable and thanks for letting us film that great performance. Best of luck to you in your shining music career and always know that tunetoaders are behind you. Chad CEO/co-founder TuneToad.com
Still waiting to hear when you're coming to Houston. Loved the show in SA 6/13.
Enjoy your music. From one guitar player to another - keep it going.
Great stuff!! Your CD get played alot at Froggies. Send another in for the juke box.
Ruben, you were outstanding last night, as always. It was even more fun to dance to your music. Take care and see you soon. God Bless Christine
Came across your website while checking out Rio Grande pickups. Stayed to listen to a couple of cuts - very hot! Do you ever play any dates in So Cal - would love to catch your show. Best wishes, the squier
Hey Ruben, It's been a long time - huh? How's la familia? We are very very well over here. Can't wait to see you. Maybe Friday. Until then, hugs and kisses to you. Let
What a great time that was Sat. night----Houston wants you back sooo bad :)
I miss you Ruben I haven't been out to see you in a while. Hope to see you soon
Hi Ruben - was a great plaesure to play the harmonica with you last monday in Fredericksburg. Hope to see and play with u another time
Happy Birthday Darlin'! I can't wait to see you on Saturday at The Cove! I wish lots of love and happiness in the coming year! Siempre con cariño y amor ~ iris
We Love your music! Now that we have a calendar of shows we will definitely be there.
Really enjoyed your show at CokeFest. Can't wait to see you again!!
Hope all is well with you and your family! Can't wait to see your show on May 5, 2008.
Sorry I haven't made it out to a show in a while. Plan to make it some day soon. Hugs! Becca
We really miss you here in Corpus Christi, Texas I hope all is going well can't wait to see you again. Love Ya! Doreane
I loved your concert at the Fuller Vintage Acoustic Stage at the Guitar Show yesterday. My family and I listened to your CD twice on the way home (Little Rock). :) Thanks for the music! We'd love to know when you will be in Arkansas... V (Vaneesa)
WOW! I truly enjoyed the music today. Thanks for sharing your talent Nyla
Hey V! It's Hunter from the Wulffpack! Heard you put on a great show at the NCAA concert. Congrats brotha!!! Wish I could have been there to see ya! See you this Summer man!
Ruben...Another awesome gig! The NCAA Big Coke Fest was so fun! From the beginning when we we saw your name on the board at the entrance all the way to the end of your show. Of course, later I had to deal with my sunburn!!! hahaha Thanks for the experience...Rock on V!
hey hope all is well.
SSH look 4ward to the new project at harmons bbq its all about the guitar thing bro
Ruben it is so cool that you are playing at the NCAA Final Four Big Dance Celebration. Looks like it is going to be awesome...I am sad Pitt didn't make it, it would have been a great excuse to go home. :) Keep Rockin! Here is an excerpt from the article: "On Sunday, April 6, My Coke Fest⠢ takes center stage with American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest as special guest host. The day of celebrity‐filled concerts headlines with Three Doors Down, and also features alternative rockers All American Rejects, country superstar Taylor Swift, the Latin music sensation band Kumbia All‐Starz, and San Antonio’s own Sexto Sol and Ruben V" For the complete article go to: http://www.ncaa.org/wps/portal/home?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/NCAA/Media+and+Events/Press+Room/News+Release+Archive/2008/Announcements/20080313_mff_bigdance_ent_rls.html
Gonna miss ya man! Your fabulous! See ya soon!
Ruben, take your time out and come back with a vengence. You are too good of a entertainer and guitar player to leave for long. We all will anxiously waiting for your return to the world of music. We all loved your shows and your sweet guitar licks so much. Everyone that comes to see you play just falls in love with your music. We all will seriously miss you and I feel I am speaking for many of your supporting fans.
V, Isaiah 55:11 "so is my word that goes out from my mouth;It will accomplish what i desire and achieve the purpose for which i sent it" your music is a message don't forget that!!!! i know you will come back stronger. tu amigo por vida, robert
Hey Ruben, Great show last Saturday for Will. Everyone has come up to me with compliments for you. You all really played your hearts out--as always--and I really appreciate it--i know he does too! tomorrow would have been his 9th birthday--keep us in your prayers. i know he's smiling down on us all! L, susan
Ruben, I just read the V newsletter. I was sad but I understand that you need some personal time off. I thought it was strange when I checked your calendar and didn't see any dates. Please keep us informed of any show dates with you playing. We need our Ruben V fix you know! :-) Come back soon! Take care V and Rock on!
Ruben! Hey! I sent you an email and would love to check in with you, it's been a long time, my friend! Please tell Elvis I said hello. Ya'll write a girl, will ya? I can say I knew you when, Lauri (Pearson) Hahn
Hi, Ruben, I was listening to an almost Harry Connick Jr. vibe on the last song on one of your albums. Very bluesy, croony, sexy, right as rain. Your buddy Carl Graf, who has followed you around SA and Houston requesting "The Way, the Truth, the Life", brought your CD out of his truck and into my house while we talked. I stopped the conversation a couple of times to comment on how I was boppin' out to your groove, so just know you were a hit on a date! And yes, always have the saxophone and the bongos with you, and it'll sound just right. May the Lord bless you with ever-sweeter opportunities and success when you least expect them. From your surprise new fan, Joley ("Je Renee" on iTunes)
I overheard your drummer the other night talking about booking you on some pretty cool out of town gigs and then replacing the rubenv band with a band that he is putting together. I know that L.J. has been with you for many years, but the way he was talking, you need to watch your back.
Hey Ruben I stopped by Sams buger joint a few weeks ago , I met some friends there you know them very well Joe Ortega and Gabby and I told some other buddys about your band .I like what I heard and I'm looking forward to attending more of your local gigs.
Just saw you two nights in a row (my first two times). Wow! Time to come to the East Coast: NYC, DC, Philly! And we need a live album--especially those of us outside of Texas, so we can share those sick 5 and 8 minute guitar solos with the world!
Amazing musician, Sexy man, Beautiful soul, Ruben V has it all. We are blessed by your God given talent and spirit.
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I think the music you make is great. I live in C C, TX and go to almost every show @ Dr. Rockits. Luvin It Tanya S.
Ruben,Ruben,Ruben Amazingrace how sweet the sound you are so awesome
Hey Ruben, Seen your show a few times in San Antonio and Converse. Ever make it towards Del Rio? Take care and keep on!
Hi Ruben, Always a pleasure to go hear the performance no matter where you play. Everytime family comes in town they know where i will take them if you are around playing. love that stuff. keep it up. Love ya
Hey Ruben, Its wendy from fredericksburg. just a note to say hi and hope we can see you soon. its my birthday and i was hoping you would be playing somewhere we could go.
happy new yearZ bro!
whats going on RubenV just your friends from Kingsville just sending you un saludo and hope to see u singing them blues again on the 19th of January. laterz p.s. Wishing your family HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family.
you have a couple of new fans!! last nite at Legends, my daughter in law and i had a fantastic time listening to you, you are gifted! may God bless you with many tunes and notes~~Marta
Another fantastic show Ruben! Saw you at Legends Sports Bar last night with some friends. Everytime we go to one of your shows we find out some more good things about you. I think it's great how you mingle with the audience during breaks. We can tell how sincere of a person you are. Looking forward to seeing your show again and I keep spreading the word about you! Rock on V!
Just wishing you and yours a beautiful New Year! Can't wait to kick back and watch you play again someday soon! Kelly and Family
So Ruben, now that Cosmos has closed down, Have you been able to set up anything with the people at Howling Coyote? Or anyplace else in Houston? Here is another place that just opened in NE Houston (near Kingwood) - Rock Wine and Blues. No web site yet, just a Myspace. Search Rock Wine Blues and you will find it. It's a very nice upscale blues club and wine bar. Kelly and I went there New Years Eve and saw Pete Mayes and Sherman Robertson. They are getting in some pretty good name acts. Check them out. I would love to see you there cause it's walking distance from my house!!! Hope to see you soon. God Bless!
hey ruben we played with u about 10 years ago,, i played with the band trio grand and you were awsome i hope you keep doing what u like, and keep rocking, dave ...............
Dear Ruben, My boyfriend and I see you play alot in Corpus and San Antanio, and woundering, and would like to see and hear you play for New Year's but can't find you any wear if you please call me and let me know if you are playing for new Year's eve.. My number is 361-737-3444 I'am the one from Corpus, I missed you this weekend cause we are spending the weekend SA....Thanks alot and have a happy New year!!!! Cyndie
Merry Christmas Ruben!
A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend Debbie and my son Josh and I caught you at Casbeers on a Tues. night when you were doing the acoustic thing along with your excellent bongo dude........just wanted to say we're still talking about it, you were right on that night....OUTSTANDING!!! Keep up the great work. See you soon, Bret
Hi Ruben. Thanks for taking time to talk to my son at your show. He was really stoked to meet you and hear what you had to say about music theory and your journey. Thanks for being real and we'll see you at the shows!
Love the tunes already!!!
Great show at the benefit, Thanks for giving me your pick! Mark Bruhn
Rub, Thanks for all your help with the benefit ! It was a very big success. You have a heart of gold my brother,thank you!!
riuben, great music! good job! san antonio rocks
Caught your show at Alpine Gallery Night and was astounded. I am from the Del Rio area and will be making more trips to San Antonio now to catch your shows. Hopefully we'll be able to get you to play somewhere around Del Rio. Thanks for a great time.
hey bro remember me...long haired fooz player from clicks....used ta see ya at backdrafts too...yer an excellant axe man ...an a damn good showman...finally found yer site...good stuff...remember hog leg...heheheehe???...and will to live...the good ole days...i know yer busy..but holler at me if ya git a chance...keep it blue bro....phil...
You & Your Band are a Blessing to San antonio & to all who hear your music!!!!!!!!!
Hi! Just heard about you and Chris playing @ Rolling Oaks in SA on the 11th.... Can't wait to see you two.... It has been for-ever since I have been able to catch up with you two! :) Kat
Great to see you back in Dallas and hope it will be on a regular basis. Great show as always and thanks for the video message you did for our daughter. She got a kick out if it. PS let me know what you think of the Johnny Hiland PRS if you get your hands on one.
V, my boss from kentucky thought your gig last nite was better than anything the riverwalk could offer. way to show him how we do down here in texas!!!! peace
Awesome job to Ruben and the band on Saturday in Big D. It was great to finally meet you. I look forward to seeing you again real soon.
You guys totally rocked the house at county line last night!!! gREAT SHOW rUBEN!
Just got back from the County Line and you were awesome! I saw you at the Oasis out at Medina Lake and I knew it would not be the last time. Your music is that feel good music. I took some friends and they were in awe of you. I'm Happy Birthday Diana! Thanks for saying that on stage and taking pictures with us afterwards. Rock on V!
Hey this is bob from grupo fama. you are awesome man. Can't wait to see your next show!
DUDE!!!! What's going on?! I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you this summer! The place we were going to was charging a huge cover!!!!! Hopefully I'll get to see you this New Years or something! Email me and tell me the next time you come to Nashville! If my family's down there we'll come see you! Peace bro!
Hey man, just heard your tune She's troulble on bluesville @ Xm That tune Cooks! I'm a Guitar Player just here fixin my basement ,and taking a break.when i heard your tune I just had to stop and pull out my PRS and start jammin! Ha! the wifie is upstairs yakin about finishing the bathroom! Ijust turned it up to 10 on my AMP! thanks for the inspieration!
Great show at Caliente, really cool talking to you... I'll be looking out for your up coming shows.
i saw you last night at caliente...man you were awesome...can't wait to catch your next show
Saludo d' Estockholmo, Sweden! I'm back home after a trip to LA and some nights in NY but I miss SA! I'll do my best to promote over here... I did enjoy listening to you live. See'ya sometime.
hey, saw you at casbeers and oasis wanted you to know...that you are RESPLENDENT!!!
Hi all! This my first post
excellent show in lampasses. we are now big fans, thanks to sylvia and ruben. we will send you pics. as soon as we get them. hopefully you will come to midland texas area sometime.
Ruben V kicks arse.
Ok.. well that stinks, You play the 25th at Casbeers, the 27th at Hooligans But you dont play any where the 26th (my birthday) Then your out of town all weekend. What am I supposed to do?
I look forward to seeing you live in Lampasas this coming Saturday (9-22-07). Your music samples on this web site are excellent. Keep up the good work.
I'm a big Stevie Ray Vaughn fan. When I heard you were coming to our church (Grace Point) I didn't know what to expect. I really enjoyed the show. You definitely tore the place up. Keep rock'n!
Saw you at Grace Point Church on Friday! You've made an eternal impact on my 7 year old aspiring guitarist. He saw how God can be honored by using your gifts! Thanks!
recently took dear friends to acoustic show at the cove. they were rightfully ''floored'' they cant wait to hear the electric v. took austinite brother to hear you and jimmy at rebar some time back. sez you you blow the 35 n guitar slingers out of the water. waiting for ''live'' v release. good health/spirits to you and yours.
Me and my husband saw you play in a Blues Bar we loved you guys we have been hopeying for you to came play soon and you will be in Corpus on Sept 28 we can not waite to see you agine God Bless you.
You were great last night, as always. Looking forward to hearing and seeing you again very soon.
V. Your "Labor of Shame" cd is a great mix of rock & roll & blues music that makes me want to rock out, mellow out and dance to. I listen to the whole cd over & over, but mostly "Stand Next To You"....I love that song! Keep on rockin`, V. A new-true fan! I've been V-nized.
I'm the blonde that comes to your shows w/ Tamara and Sandy and the kids. We all miss you. I have not been around in a while, but I'll be back soon w/ new people.
Me and my husband went to REBAR 9/7/07 and we where amazed at your talent. You just dont hear that kind of awesome talent much anymore. I cant wait to bring my brother n law (he plays guitar and his favorite influence is/was Randy Rhodes. I see you will be at GracePoint Friday night and that is awesome, me and my family used to attend their before we moved and now I can bring my 12 year old son to see you this Friday night(he wants to be a drummer) Godbless you Ruben V, never stop playing from your soul, its beautifull!!!! LOL I just noticed my husband beat me to signing your guestbook..
Ruben-You and your band play some AWESOME music!! I recently saw you at the Javelina HD gathering on Saturday. Sept. 8th!! Keep on doing what you do! God Bless and Take Care!! You are an amazing guitar player!
My wife and I saw your show at Rebar last night Sept 7th. Awesome!!!!! We will be seeing you guys again soon and I will definetly bring and tell friends about RubenV. Badass!!!!!
Ruben, My brothers (six) have been at various places you performed at, bought your cd's and said that you are "AWESOME". Since, I've wanted to see you perform and finally caught about the last hour of a show you performed at Harman's BBQ on 8/11/07. I have to say I'm sorry I missed most of your show. My brothers are right, you guys are "AWESOME". I would love for my husband and, of course, myself to see you perform again, this time the whole show. I'll be checking your schedule for places you'll be performing so we could come enjoy the fantastic, great rock & roll blues music that you have such a talent for. I look forward to watching you perform all your original songs and copy songs that you perform. Not only is the band and the music invigorating, but you have an incredible voice. My brothers bought your autographed cd at Harman's and when I saw the cover, I thought this does not look like you. It's not to say that it doesn't do you justice, but if you come out with a new cd, I'm sure you'll have a new set of songs and cover, to which, I'm looking extremely forward to watch you perform and buy an autographed cd. I asked one of your band members if you guys have a manager because it amazes and surprises me that you're not "big time" already. Thanks for the good music. Sharon ps. I did get your autograph! Who knows hopefully it might be worth something someday. I don't see why not!!!!!! Later!
You are a true soul man! Love ya!
Please put me back on the list to receive updates about where you are playing. Thanks, Stace
Something is changing with you, I am not sure what it is. Saw you in Corpus 8-25-07 and noticed the change. Is is your looks, or your vibe? Not sure, your music was different to. What's up? Time will tell. I will always try to get to your show, no matter what or where.
I'am the one from Corpus Christi, but John and I see you alot in San Antonio...... We just bouoght your late's cd it's realy great....
Ruben...I love the new website! Sorry that we haven't seen you in over a month but we're gonna change that. You are busy so that must mean you are happy playing your guitar. Take care & God Bless you. Siempre con Amor y Cariño.
Hi! Ruben went to the show last night had a great time (as always) you and the band are awesome (as always) just wanted to let you know that I think the headband is adorable LYL.
I truly enjoyed your show at the Roadrunner Catina the other night. I had never heard you before. I mentioned that I saw you to several friends and they had either heard how good you were or have seen you themselves. Pretty awesome show. Thanks.
Hey Ruben, Taking advantage of the 31st being my b-day to invite people out to see you jam @ Silo's. Helping spread the word about you my brother cause RUBEN V LIVE is an experience! See ya again Saturday night at Hooligan's...bringing the b-day party for one more jam!
I've never been to Casbeer's, but it's always fun to go to a new place to drink beer and hear good music !!! See you guys there ! - Jen
hey brother, hope you and your family are in blessed health....hope to see you soon...send your parents my and darrahs love..i sure miss them... tell my other 2 bros hey for me... god bless ..bert
Saw your show lastnight at Harmon's. First time ever heard you play, and you are an amzing performer. The whole band is tight! Thanks for the music!
One of the things I miss most about SA is seeing you play Ruben! You are a rock and roll god! I hope that the world is being as good to you as your music has been to it! God bless!
You are awesome,I can't get enough of you....Thanks for ur music, I will u this weekend, SMILE IT LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!!!!!
Awesome photos on new site. Your dedication reaches deep into the hearts of all your fans. Hope to see you! Ronnie & Frank
Hey Ruben....love the new website....awesome ....still needing my rubenv fix .....god bless
Whoa! Don't sneak up on people like that! Cool new site! love, mary
i hate myself for missing your show at cosmos in h-town. now i feel weird! needed some v !!! i'm the one who wants to sin all over you!!LOL
Love the new website! Great photos! Can't wait to see you again soon.
Loved the music Saturday night at Cosmos. Keep up the good work
your music really is amazing. I feel I know you, though, I don't. I am a friend of your brother, Ceasar, whom I consider my dearest friend and yes, my brother. I wish you all the happiness and success that you deserve and have earned. Always continue to move forward my brother. I hope to meet you soon and watch a jam session as Ceasar has promised...until then, Godspeed, Outlaw.
Say brother, Of course saw you again last weekend in Corpus. Great show!!!!!!! I know your busy but would like to see lyrics from all of the songs on "Labor Of Shame" on the website. Rock on! ABG
Ruben! You are awesome. I don't know if you remember me but I'm part of the Wulffpack! We didn't get to see you at the golf course because it cost too much for us and my dad is going to school full time! Your music is awesome! You have inspired me so much! Thanks!
Coming to see you tonight in SA and cannot wait. Listening to your music now and love, love, love it. Maybe you'll autograph the CD's I'm going to buy? Hope so.
Your rocked when you jammed in Corpus last month, your best gig ever (we think-the crazy corpus crew) u busted some strings too..shredding at it's best. See ya this weekend!
Steve Jr. and I were honored to share the stage at Casbeers with you last night (7/11/07)-Thanks so much! You were brilliant! Steve and Steve Sellers Jr.
We saw you guys in Alpine July 7. AWESOME! Come to Fort Worth sometime.
happy 4th big bro
Great music,you always could shred.Love the song Me and My Guitar.Great to hear your doing good . God Bless
Ruben, This is kind of personal, but everyone needs to know what a great giving person you really are. Learning to play an 8 year old boy's ukelele to sing your song "Missing You" at his funeral so his mom could convey how she felt was the most special thing anyone could do for me or Will. You made that time and day so special for me and Will, and I know he was smiling down at you from heaven. Words cannot express how much that meant to us and what a special place you and your family will always have in our hearts. My thanks to all of the guys in the band. Their support and love through this hard time means the world to me. Susan
Oh my GOD you are like a breath of fresh air Thank- you so much for being who you are no words could ever tell you how many lives and hearts you reach only God knows what tomarrow will bring so on that note Thank GOD that you come to Corpus Christi once a month wish it was more but I'll take what I can get take care of yourself and your family YOU ARE AWESOME LYL
hooligans...take em down matey yarrr!
Hey cuz, Can't wait to see you tonight at the Silo. take care and see you soon. Love you, Sally, Stephen, Jessica, George, Scott and Stephanie
Looking forward to seeing you play for the first time tonight. My boyfriend Nick Ramos told me he met you back in the day and he also plays the blues like you so I want to suprise him by going tonight. Can't wait!
Hey Ruben like your stuff, maybe one of these nights you can add some blues steel guitar to your line up. Anyways I'd like to come out to one of your gigs real soon. Keep in touch. Bobby Dartt
Thanx for lettin me snap all those pix w/ you guys yall are the best c ya @ the next one
dear ruben, caught your show at luna's. I love your music, my son is 14 and just starting to take guitar do you mentor?
I just remember the night I saw you play at some hole in the wall off of Blanco and West Ave. You reminded me of a young stevie ray vaughn. Kick ass! My cousin Robert Farmer and his wife Serene turned me on to you, and I am going to see ya at the Blue Cafe. Peace!
Just wanted to let you know we still listen to ya! YOu need to visit Lubbock sometime soon! :) Chivo says "Keep Rockin Bro!" We'll see ya soon! God Bless
Awesome musician, fabulous performer, and such a talented songwriter. Your songs are stories, letters from the heart, poetry, and pure rockin fun. You have a song for everyone and for every mood. When you have the chance will you post the lyrics to “When You Know” from your Lucky Day album? Thanks for sharing your gift and talents with us all, you are the most gracious and giving musician.
Happy Belated B-Day Ruben! Age is like Wine....just getting better with age. Keep rockin! See you this weekend ;)
Hey bro, was thinking about you, hope to see a show soon and I need to pick up another copy of In his hands, gave mine to Barron a long time ago and never got it back. Anyway, hope to see you soon. Scott
Hey V this is your California brother just wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday and well see ya soon!!
Awesome - then and now!
really enjoyed the jam in the metropolis of roosevelt, TX the other day... ;) hope we can do it again some time! good stuff!!! God Bless! <><>
My husband and I saw you last weekend at Dr. Rockit's and you blew our mind. Keep rocking. You have a long path in front of you and only great things will come of it.
My sister"NURSE"and I were in Corpus this past weekend, and we brought a friend to see the bands performance and she really did enjoy herself. She says that she will be coming to see you here in SAN ANTONIO. THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT
first time to see your show at Adobe Verde in Gruene this past Friday eve. Really enjoyed the music. Will hope to visit again soon. Bobby D.
Dear Ruben, Your German friends, the chocolate lady and her son Raphael from Stuttgart will visit San Antonio from 3rd to 11th of June. We want to listen to your music and meet you . We wish you and your son a very happy birthday next week Take care Runi and Raphael
hey ruben, you should suprise us in houston and put on your old dwight yokim look! you were hot whit your tight pants and cowboy hat, made your eyes look sexy under that cowboy hat? remember? i do! see you at cosmos next time in May! peggy!!
Yea, you totally showed Dallas whats up c ya in Corpus my bruthaaaa! -Z
Ruben this your uncle Ben just to say hello . How is your golf ? are do you have a chance to play? will be in San Antoino on May 5 the boys and I are going to play let me know if you can play. Love uncle Ben
Call me when your ready for your next oil change. This ones on me.Keep JESUS First.
I'll have to agree with Karen's comments. I was at the Dallas Guitar Show Friday and Saturday and out of all the bands I watched I thought you and your band blew the others away. Keep up the good work. Looks like me and my wife will be making a road trip to San Antonio to see one of your shows.
Ruben...You make my heart smile. Last night at the Dallas Guitar show you RoCkEd. You always give 110%. Thanks so much for that. Saw lots of bands out there and you were truely the BeSt!!! You are #1 in my book. Also thanks for the guitar pick and signed t-shirt. I will cherish them always. See you soon :) God Bless you sweetie & God Bless TeXaS Luv & hugs Karen xo
I really enjoy listening to your music & to see you and you band perform is an honor! I am so excited to see you at the guitar fess with your brothers @ arms.The last time I've seen U was for my B-Day with my sisters& brother Pete Alvarez.Keep your music sweet by jammin for your heart! May God Bless U & Keep U Safe.Norma Jean
Ruben You have a very positive and powerful influence on people me, being one God Bless You
your awesome ruben!!! you are blessed with in an incredible gift....play on brother...
I saw you for the first time last week at Rolling Oaks it was an amazing show. It was like my soul was awake for the first time in a long time. play on bro, play on.
Great to hear that u have done so well with your life. Homer's Big Sis.
Ruben, My 16 year old son took me to see you this past weekend at Rolling Oaks. My son, being a Bass player knows good guitar and Man he did not steer me wrong! Ruben, you Rock the Blues. See you at Harmon's BBQ this coming weekend in Cibilo! Dan
We all enjoyed the music. Hope to make it next month, and on the 26th in San Antonio.
Hey Reuben........TJ here with the 410's. I've been out to see you a few times with some friends at Casbeer's. You definately got it goin' on, brother! Your talent needs to be seen and heard on a national level. Can't wait for that to happen. I would really like my band to open for you some day. We're all cover, but do a great job according to our fans. Let me know! L8tr, TJ Dolotina a.k.a. -Harry
Hello Ruben, this is Linda, as in Clay & Linda. Happy to see you lookin so good!!! We still love you. Always, Linda
Thank-You,Thank-You,Thank-You for coming to Corpus Christi when I watch and listen to you live on stage like a small child is my soul within me You and the band are AWESOME till next time LOL
Saw you show last night at Dr. Rockitts in Corpus. What a show-you are one hell of a guitar player. May God continue to bless you and keep up the good work. Hope to see you guys again soon.
Great sound. Take care
hey Ruben juss passing by to show sum luv and say that it was great to see you again and be at your gigs! I had a blast... take care of yourself and God bless ya and Best wishes with your music career! " Mr. Popularity" lol... much love to u and The band espcially my Big Bro. "the Big O"
Hey ruben- caught youre show last night at the cove..I've seen you several times- and this time I brought some people with me -THEY WERE AMAZED!!!
Ruben: Nice meeting you on the plane from Nashville. Good luck to you in your career.
u put on a great show,,keep up the good work
Hey Ruben, Just droppin' by to check out the site...lookin' good! We're still aiming for a late spring/early summer trip to SA - keep your fingers crossed! ~Kerri
Ruben, Back home from Army training in San Antonio....coming and listening to you all jam really helped shake off the stress. You still have that picture we took @ Salud? If so can I get a copy? Keep on jamming you are awesome. Brian
Love the new pics; you and the crew look great!
Hi Ruben its me you might not remember the last time i saw you was at razoos bar and grill and you let me come up on stage and play voodoo chile... You always sang Jesus child though and you tought me how. Well let me know the next time you come through San Antonio my Dad Jimmie wouldnt mind seing you play either...! Sincerely your little brother ZACH Morris
Ruben: Saw you at the Jam with Butch at Casbeers. You play a mean guitar. What is the Sax player's name? I have got to catch one of your gigs soon. Thanks.
Your shows and music are great.Keep rockin Ruben..
Hey Ruben, Just heard your golden slumbers on my space.....awesome !! Only heard you play it once the very first time i heard you play a long time ago.....take care hope to see yall sunday.
Hey Ruben! Miss your music, just can't find that kind of talent in Kansas. I will however be in S. Antonio soon and I will catch you then.
Keep rocking, GO SPURS GO
Your muscic is great. Hope to see you live soon.
Old fan just checking in...
Guess who? See you this Friday at Rolling Oaks! Hugs!
Hey man whats up its chicken. My dad was telling me and willie about the concert last night. i hope you are doing well and one of these days i will come see you agian 2/18/07
We'll be seeing you soon, V! We haven't been able to lately, but we will most definately check you out!!!
hey ruben....wont be able to hear you tonight working late but i listen to you at work off your sites and people walk by all day asking who is that ...that sounds great.....some of them will be coming out to see you tonight....i told then you would blow them away !!! happy valentines day!! God bless!!
Good job Ruben.It's really a honor meeting you.Moving back to NEW ORLEANS soon please stay in touch ,let me know when your in the crescent city. I'm in SA now
Can't wait for the day I see you in front of 50K fans jamming. You must be so well grounded that it hasn't happened yet. True happiness is riskless.
Ruben, Just put in a plug for you with a radio station 98.7 in Victoria Tx. They are going to contact Jenny for your lastest CD. Brad
Ruben, Thank you for a great show last night at Rolling Oaks, You and the band were awsome, Thank you for taking the time to make my daughter Rachel feel so special. Thank You Brad and Rachel
Hey Ruben, gonna be in town Feb 9th to 11th, hope to catch your show on sunday. Say hello to the famiy.
Caught your show at Casbeers. Love your music and your style! You have a new fan.
God bless! Thanks for the Fix Up Chuck benefit concert. Beautiful night...simply beautiful. Chuck and I love you. Thanks for blessing us!
Let us know when we can get you on the East Coast Ruben ... You have our vote...
Thanks for sharing time with us for Sylvia's birthday. Too bad we had to spend most of the evening outside in the cold! But we'd do anything to see you. My aunt is just crazy about you, too! Sylvia & Fran will be with you on Thursday night @ Blue Cactus...I will be at work in Austin! I will catch you every chance I get! You are wonderful! God Bless you!
You and the band were awe......some Corpus Christi loves you we will keep spreading the word the more people we get to come to your show the more people that will be blessed until next time Hugs and blessings
Just wondering if you were gonna be in Austin,Tx anytime soon? I keep telling my friends about you and they don't believe me. I want them to see for themselves.
V. sending some cd's to my peeps in South Caroina and Virginia. They kept saying"you're going to see WHO again?" Thanks for your music and people like our friend Steelerrob who know what it's like to miss out on your jams Say-town style. G.
Hey V I need to purchase another "I Am" CD. I loan mine to a friend of mine from Florida and he refused to give it back. So any way please contact me.
ruben steeler rob just wantin to tell you and val hola still here in jersey takin care of my mom i miss you guys tremendously i am gonna try to find a venue up here and get yall booked i know show you the money well ill see you soon keep killin it bro i miss san antonio your the man so is val love yall shoot me a e mail ruben v w/ the flyin v. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 4ever
Thanks for all you do.
Hey Ruben, Im listening to your music at work during the day ....only some of the songs i really like are on your myspace site and unfortunately my employer resticts myspace and i am blocked from listening to your music.....can you maybe switch some of your songs around....thanks ....and oh....most interesting man....you dont need to send a foto..haha
God bless you! Thank you so much for what you are planning for Chuck. What a beautiful soul ...!
Enjoy your shows at Rolling Oaks!! You're so friendly w/ your fans!! :)
Ruben, Im am heartbroken that we missed your other side performance. Are you going to schedule another night like this and if so when???
Ruben, LOVED your show last last! You are my first pick for people to go see when deciding to listen to live music. However, last night's group was amazing. You had such a full sound with the fiddle player, keyboardist, and steel guitar player. You may want to consider adding one or all to your regular band. AWESOME show!
WOW!!! What a show last night! The other side was awesome! You might think about having that fidller again - he was great! You all certainly rocked the house with a great show!
Ruben the other side at rolling oaks was awsome when are you guys going to cut a CD thanks for a wonderful show
Keep on Rockin man!
Thanks for a great show at Harmons. All I can say is WOW you and the band were in a zone. See you all soon
terrific show at harmons last night! my son and i and friends thoroughly enjoyed it.the extended version of close the door was awesome,as well as the rest! hope you follow up on the maybe release of a live album! continued success!
Great show at Harmon's last night! You and the guys were smokin' hot and the setlist was great. Thanks again for finishing up w/my favorite "Stay Awhile". Happy New Year to you all and we'll see ya in '07! Luv ya, Steff
Been a long time! My CD's are almost worn through. When are you gonna make it back up to Dallas? I believe the last time I saw you was at Hard Rock - like 5+ years ago!!! Way to long. I'm on your email list now. Will have to make a road trip to come see you. Take care - hope to hear you soon. Love, Kimberly
As promised, I caught your full act at Rolling Oaks and you were awesome. Brought a friend with me and they are now a BELIEVER... PEACE to all
Ron called me one night in South Carolina and said" babe, you gotta come home and here this band" " the guy's name is Ruben V" That was 4 years ago this past September. "the question every week is "where's Ruben playing??" You and the guys(and Jenni) are all great fun, always excited to see and shake hands with your fan base. You're just an overflow of awesome talent and goood fun. Thanks again! Gina G. and Ron H.
Enjoyed the comments of your fans, and agree with all of them. I have also worn out my copy of the CD you gave me,and wil be at one of your shows this month to pick up the new one. The last show I saw, which was at Luna, was amazing!! It's time to go National........hope you've got good management!
Ruben, Just want to thank you for your tremendous talent, performance and your part spreading the gift of music. You have one of the baddest bands around. I (We, all my friends, & family), had a blast on Sat, 12/09/06, at Dr. Rockits. I couldn't have asked for a better 41st birthday. I (we, the Corpus Crew) are 110% behind you). We can't wait for you to return to C.C. We took plenty of pics so we'll get those to you also. Always keep me in mind bro. You're fabulous! Thank You, William E. Gonzales
HEARD THE NEWS, YAHOO!!!!!! I will be spreading the news.
You are an inspiration for a young chicano bluesman like myself... I hope we share the stage many times and play the music in that's in our hearts till the day we die
You still pierce our souls. Have to see you live again.
Hey Hot -Dog. Put me on your "Friends" list!! I Can Do That!
V I know it has been a long time. Just wanted to let you guys know that all is well Levelland and the crew is doing fine,and says hello!!
Hey Ruben, Caught your aucostic set at Casbeers last Tuesday, awesome! I was waiting to see if you could break five strings on one song and keep jammin! I think you could!
How are you my brother? Have missed hearing you play in Houston. The last time I saw you was at my Birthday Party at Cosmo's in June. I tried to sign up on your web mail but it won't accept my address. Hope to see and hear you soon. Mark
Have not been around in a while. Out of state, out of touch. Feels good to be back in Texas. Last time I saw you was back around 99'. Glad to see you've had success in doing what you love and do well!!
Ruben, The new website design is great. I especially enjoyed the new Bio. Thanks so much for sharing all those details from your past and the development of your craft and career. It was really cool to read some details that I had never heard before in the years that I have known you. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see you next time you’re in Houston. Take care and God Bless.
I guess the reason you hardly play in Austin is because all the players there are afraid of you ! Too bad for Austin my brother !
Hey Breother, I have worn out your CD at cosmos, Houston needs the Real Deal!!! Reed.
I attended my first performance on 11/24. I know it will be the first of many. I went as a class project, but I am now a fan. I had a great time. You are truly a great artist, and I loved your music.
Music speaks what can not be expressed,soothes the mind and gives it rest Heals the heart and makes it whole,Flows from Heaven to the soul. Ruben your Music honestly is a gift from God
V: I love the revised website. I've been missing the Blues (??) lately; and hope you call soon; so we can hook up again... Blessings Tod Miller TNT Productions, ltd. / Minuteman Press Intl, Inc.
V, It was crazy to see you on "Flip This House" on A&E last night. V going nationwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Robert
Hey you, Great new look on the site and finally a bio that suits a man of your caliber! Love ya, Kerri :)
V, saw your gig last nite @ Rolling Oaks and it was captivating!I had to bounce early but you can bet I will catch the full show on the rebound. At last a good local sound.... Rick
Love the new picture
hey just wanted to say i love the new look on your website and you bio
Ruben, Monica and James Hester are my neighbors and Monica and I have gotten close. My husband plays some, his style is more like soft latin jazz, when Monica and James found out, they started to talk about you and your music. They really enjoyed watching you perform. I listen to all types of music but R & B is one of my favorites. I really like your music. Are your CD's sold anywhere locally and how much? Which one would you recommend for me to buy? Thanks, Tammy
Hey Stranga, How are you? Just lookin at where your at this weekend, We hope to make it out one night! Hope all is well, Tell the kiddos and Cale I said Hello.
Hey Ruben, Tony Cortez (Rev. Blues) turned me on to your music a few years back and I was blown away by your energy, style of music, and craftsmanship. I hope to catch more of your shows in the coming months and bring along friends to experience your music.
I came across your pic on my space and listened to your music and loved...right...away...
Ruben Hi!How are you doing? Awesome sums it up for me on your Friday night performance at Dr.Rockits. Thank-you so much for expressing a heart felt anniversary to Patty and William they were in awe of you and Thank-you for your soul searching music. Doreane
my daughter lives in San Antonio and sent me one of your cd's. It's great - I'm in Seattle - work with radio here - I'll be down in San Antonio in mid Jan 2007 - hope to see you perform while there.
comin 2 C U first time this saturday at Leon Spring! Looking forward to it!
You know you're from San Antonio when::: You lost your virginity at Mission drive-in You know exactly how to get to the "Ghost Tracks" from anywhere in town. You think "pro-choice" means flour or corn tortillas. You've never been to the Alamo. You think a health drink is a Margarita without salt. You think being able to read the Taco Cabana menu makes you bilingual. You used to live in a neighborhood you wouldn't even drive through now. There has been a road crew on your street since before the Alamodome was built. You remember when Crossroads Mall used to be called Wonderland. You've been to Midget Mansion. You know all about the "Dancing Diablo" and the "Donkey Lady" bridge. You know that Wheatley and Brackenridge is the same school. You remember the Captain Gus show. Your subwoofer has twice the value of your car. You have three rodeo outfits but never have been on a horse You're an expert with the brake pedal, but you have no idea what a blinker is. Your idea of culture is wearing a Hard Rock T-shirt. You think the last supper was at Mi Tierra restaurant. You do your grocery shopping at a flea market. You think local politicians are crooks, but you still do not vote. You have a "Selena Lives" bumper sticker on your car. You care if San Antonio is in the "national spotlight". A formal occasion is getting a glass with your longneck. You believe Tacos, barbecue, tequilla, and beer are the four basic food groups. You rented Pulp Fiction to escape the everyday violence of the city. You think wearing bows in your hair will get you a husband. Your White mother learned how to make Tamales & Menudo from your neighbors. You know the "real" definition of FIESTA is "stay home if at all possible". You have ordered Mexican food at a Chinese restaurant. You had breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana on Christmas morning. You remember the Joske's Christmas display. You remember when JC Penney's had a restaurant. You remember hamburgers from Whopper Burger. You're elementary field trip was to the Butter Crust Bakery. You know RubenV and think he's the best guitarist in the world!
when is the Ruben V Live in Texas cd coming out?
love the site! especially love the music
Is this message little enough to be one of... lost idea
Now I know what Roberta Flack meant when she sang "Killing Me Softly With His Song"! You are wonderful Ruben. This past Saturday at Harmon's was fantastic. I was glad to see Onell back on stage with you. It's nice to know that you appreciate "...Nothin' but a big *ss woman'! That made my night. I can't wait to you & the guys again! Take Care & God Bless.
Thank you so much for publishing the lyrics to "Lucky Day" so quickly. We took quite a few pictures of you and Monte last Sunday. The next time I'll get to see you play will be November 9th, and I'll bring you some copies. Maybe you can do a small acoustic set?!?
I saw your show friday at rolling oaks never heard you play before, but i was very impressed. i had fun. havent been out in a while and that being my first experience again, really impressed me. take care
Would you publish the lyrics to Lucky Day for me? I want to give it as a Christmas present. It is such a pretty song. Thanks and God Bless!
Caught the show last night at Casa Verde's and it was a dream come true seeing you and Monte jammng together. Can't wait to get the pictures developed!
Hey Ruben, thanks for the great show last night at RO! It got a little chilly by night's end, but you guys were awesome as usual. So glad that Phil got those heaters for the deck! It is such a treat to watch you play. Glad that Chris could be there to celebrate his b-day and join you onstage, too. Will see you again soon. Luv ya, Steff
Ruben, I have seen you play a couple of times, The"V" and in Spring Branch/Bulverde. I bought you Home CD I love it. I am hoping to check your show in Gruene on the 29th. I can't wait to buy your new CD. You are one of the best live performers I have seen Play. Keep Jammin.... Carey
Hi, Ruben, just wanted to stop by and say that Efraim and I were very happy to see you last night. We are glad we had the boys with us. Carlos was happy to finally meet you. He said," Mom Ruben is a really good (cool) guy. I wish I'd met him sooner." He played your CDs on the way home. We hope to see ya again soon. Take care. And "God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family" Love ya, Pam
Great show Sat. night but way too loud, hard to hear your voice and I like your voice.
Wow what an awesome show at Dr.Rockits on Friday night and to think I was just going to stay in that night thanks for the invite from Joey and Thelma Amador I really enjoyed your blessed gift of music. Take Care and God Bless you. Doreane
Great show at Uncle Albert's! Much appreciated the signed CD for my nephew Blake. Let us know when you come to town again. Nive work with the tremelo, ever try a Bad Cat Tremcat?
Hey, just thought I'd send you a quick HELLO, instead of running into you at Snapka's and Taqueria ..LOL, no, I am not stalking you, ha-ha-ha... Man, I've been listening to your music, you guys are awesome I love it.... See you soon, keep up with the great sound, hopefully I get to see you live soon!!!
i love your music... and am so proud of you. god has surely blessed you! marina from c-4
Hey Ruben... just dropping in to see how you're doing! Have a safe road trip and I know you'll be great! You ALWAYS ARE!!! Keep up the amazing work and you need to book more gigs with Rev Blues! You guys are awesome together! Take Care! Lots of love!!!
Keep on ROCKING V....
I think you're making a great contribution to Blues listeners everywhere while making the hispanic community proud. Keep on rocking and I'll keep supporting....Lou
Great to have you aboard the Xotic team!!!
Good work. Interesting posts, besides those spam...
My brother and I just heard you at the BLue Cactus Cafe and thought you were great. We want our Dad to get your CD and put in his car in the #1 slot for CD's. We are tired of listeing to Michael Buble'. What does the V stand for? My Grandma is a Vela does it stand for that? What is your current favorite song to listen to? I will leave you with our family motto... 'You never know, you never do....' Madeline and Jaxon Wallace
Hey Brother it's great knowing you as a musician but even better to have you as a friend. Thanks for always being there for me <><
I really enjoyed your new CD. You’re an awesome musician! You can hear the hard work and dedication in you music and in your guitar phrasing. You really blow me away big brother. Keep up the good work.
See you @ Rebar October 14th.
Just keep on singing 'em BLUES!!!! See you soon .
Can't wait to see you again! Brian and I will be out to see you soon, old friend...
We've been out to see you the last 2 Fridays you played at Rolling Oaks Bar & Grill. You may not remember, but my youngest son, 12 years old then,& I met you at a recording studio with Pete (Texas Radio) and Lagaya. My sons are now 30 & 26. We are so very proud & happy for your success.
Rub, Enjoyed the Rolling Oaks Show a bunch!I guess im out of retirement now.
Ruben V the real king of the blues... in san antonio, texas. maybe austin and dallas and far beyond... he's the sound of the blues meeting rock and roll. he's the sound of the old blues masters meeting the firey fingers of ruben v himself... 1907 meets 2007. the past meets the future! Guitar into amp never sounded so good... Sure there was Stevie Ray Sure... Now today - there is Ruben V. Very much alive. Very much kicking. Very much Picking and Strumming Electrified Humming. Add effects and now you got the sound of tear drops echoing down hallways... Or the levee breaking Or raging storm Or leaves falling... Rock and Roll Funk Blues Puts the dancing in our dancing shoes
Just wanted to let you know that KFMX 94.5 FM played two of tour songs this week on the 10 40 blues show. Thanks Carl
Thank you very very very much. Wish you luck and mercy from all the creatures around the world.
Hey Ruben long time no see. This is Seth from Levelland. Sure do miss those discada's. At least they play you on the radio in Lubbock now.
i want ma
Thanks for sharing your gift of music with us all
hey ruben great shows last week. just one question will we hear your songs this friday or will it be other songs?
Amazing...amazing, amazing, amazing. That's all I can say. You leave me speechless. You're awesome :-)
Bro! I was in Memphis, TN this past weekend and had the XM on in the rental... Bluesville channel 74, and guess who came on? You my man... "Alone Before". What a freakin' star! See you Friday.
Hi!!! Very nice design, by the way!!! I think ... What do you think about my?
Hey Ruben, When are you coming back to Houston? We've met several tiems before. I'm Henry's uncle. SEE YA!
Ruben V, I was living in San Antonio, and had seen you at the Rolling Oaks Sports Bar. Now I live in Beaumont Texas, And have a friend that is the Director of Operations with Coondog Productions. I have sent him your web address along with your news letter that I receive from you. I hope this will get your name out even more. I could not stress enough how awsome your music is.Hopefully he will be contacting you in the near future.
Does anyone care about SRV's music anymore? I do... I think he has great music, and I love his beautiful looks. such a hottie... he can play the living hell out of a fender guitar.
Just downloaded Labor of Shame from iTunes!! Wish I could get back to San Antone for a show...Keep jammin!!
It's always good to hear from an old friend. You're awesome! Take Care...Love Ya!
Hey Ruben, Just checkin out the new look. Looks great. Hows the fam? Sorry I havent made it by to see the kidos, I really miss you guys. I will see you soon, take care.
It's great to hear Ruben on XM Bluesville!!
Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success.
Hey V, i am happy to see you so busy these days, bless the hands brother, keep the faith.
Hello Ruben, it was great seeing you again at Luxello Hall on Sept 9th. I brought my stepdaugter, Kaitlin from Washington State, to see you for the first time. She had the time of her life there. Thanks for taking some pics with us, they came out GREAT! Hope to see you again soon. Holli
Hello V, Looking Great there keep up the good work hope we see you again at Harmons soon..Bless ya
Ruben...have been playin' your cd for folks and even a couple tunes live when i play out and everybody absolutely loves it!!! Lookin' forward ta gettin' together while i'm back in town. Definitely make a few shows. Love your stuff, keep 'em blue...
Introduced to your music from a old friend of yours, Tony Trevino. Look forward to hearing you sunday at Friendzies...
Hey Ruben, we've met at Sam's on Aug 12 (w/ the T-Bone). Your CD is here with me in Belgium and i'm trying hard to arrange something over here. Keep you posted! Take care!
ruben v is playing jack's on thursday sep 21. thanks, jackspatiobar.com
just wanted to say hi, hope u havent forgot us. we were your favorite fans.(PRETTY LITTLE THING) Rob's doing fine - and he wanted to tell u hey - and we will see u when he gets out. KEEP ON ROCKIN OUT---------AND GOD BLESS :)
I just recently moved back to San Antonio. I'm a big fan of live music and I like to support the local scene. I caught you all at the Sports Bar tonight and you guys are just badass. It was a great treat for me as I am recovering from leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. So it's been about nine months since I've even gone out. What a great way to celebrate kicking cancer's ass. I hope to see many more shows to come. Cheers! P.S. Would love it if you all play some no smoking shows like they do sometimes in Austin and Houston. Thanks :)
Rolling Oaks Here - We've got more tables, chairs, barstools, beer, beer coolers, and staff for your show Friday! You said to bring out the big guns so we got 'em out! You are the man.
Would like to know the next time you plan to play somewhere here in Corpus Christi
Ruben is just awesome!!! (And hot too!!)I remember him from Sneakers years ago & he still rocks!!!!!! I bought the new album & it's great!! Luv Ya Ruben!!!
Dude, I heard you for the first time at Rebar last weekend. You Rock!!! I was thouroughly impressed, thanks for sharing your music!
ruben great show at the rebar, it was awesome
what going on dude long time no see good job on your music edwin soto
Ruben;Been a while but i was just passing through and saw ur myspace account;I been here in Arizona for 2 and a half years I've done a couple spoken word shows and a couple road show's Just to get the feel of Az but i got into a mjr car accident and now i just been recovering but all the love to you ruben i love the music and still have my cds.
Hi Ruben, just dropping by! I just can't tell u enough how talented u r, w/ out giving u a really big head, ha~ha! I tell every-1 about u. U'r music really is going 2 go somewhere. U have the confidence u have the strength and the back up and trust w/ in u'r friends, family and w/ u'r trust in the Lord. Just keep reaching 4 it, it will happen guy.... Luv,Peace & friendship, Letha
Hey Ruben, It was good to see you the other night at Sam's. Our friends from Iowa had a blast and of course the highlight was the cd!Thanks again, Joe P.S....The invite to come ridin (horses that is) stands anytime!!
Hey Ruben! We had the pleasure of seeing you guys for the first time this past Friday night at Rebar. My wife and I were with the crazy Mexicans who were loud the whole night. We are sure glad we joined them. My wife thought you guys were awesome and all she could said after we left was "WOW"! We can't wait to see you guys again in San Antonio and keep up the great work! By the way, the nickname I have for my wife is 'babygirl'. Naturally, she thinks you wrote the song for her! See you soon!
Hey Ruben! juss passin by to check out the page, i like it:) say hello and show sum love! God bless!
Ruben, you continue to be a blessing! Thank you. deb
Hi Ruben .. I sure enjoyed you playing with two tons this past Tuesday .. I'll catch you around San Antonio and hear Your music !.. keep playing, brother..
hey ruben, how are you ? remeber me ? i'm the mexican guy. we meet on the benefit concert on sam's. i was searchin' something and you'r webpage came. i just wanted to say hello. i enjoyied playing with you, sounded great. cuidate, felicidades
man great shows we are always the crazy guys yelling and always want to hear shes trouble, the way the truth the life, also my baby girl.thanks for the great shows.
What a funtastic show at Stonewerks last night! A little "different" crowd, but you sure rocked it! Glad Lisa & I could help out! I'm SO tired!
Great Music!! Heard about you from a friend on the night you played in Houston. How about coming down to Galveston to play a Gig? would love to see you !!!!
Ruben, I was recently in San Antonio visiting some friends and they turned me on to your music and I am very impressed! Your style truly reminds me of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn! I just wish I could have saw you live when I was there. I will have those cd's soon!
Hey bud, It was good seeing you (and Adolf), the other night at Casbeers. It had been too long and I didn't even know you were going to be there. Really liked the CD we swapped, hope you like mine- kinda' that latin rock vibe goin' on. Well Shalom bro... roland PS: come check us out sometime @ www.HardRockChurch.com
Hi Ruben! Remember me? My little sister and I had the homemade t-shirts...I just wanted to say that you are a really great musician and I enjoyed the concert here in San Antonio alot! I was actually a little surprised, since most bands sound better on cd than live, but you guys were awesome! Thankyou so much for your autograph and I hope I can see another concert next time you're in San Antonio!
Ruben I saw you for the first time a couple of weeks ago at Rebar it was an awsome show I am hooked, I can wait to see you play again and hopefully you can play in Houston sometime. Laterz
saw the show for the first time lastnite. All I can say is WOW!
I saw you at Rolling Oaks Bar and grill, I was just blown away, needless to say I am now a FAN!...oh yeah thanks for signing one of your empty guitar string packs!!! You BROKE THREE STRING!!!! WOW!
Hey Dick - You have definitely found the best blues/rock musician in SA. Please enjoy on a regular basis. I don't know if Ruben will answer your question here in the guest book, but since I know the answer I will post what Ruben told me once. He said that he prefers not to play weddings because most people at weddings want to hear requests of popular songs and Ruben only plays music from his regular play list which is mostly original material. Now maybe if the wedding party and guests were mostly big fans and knew what to expect, then he might, but I'm only guessing there.
Ruben-Rock On ! Just listened to your latest CD driving to Fla. Awesome ! Saw you guys at Rolling Oaks last week for first time. Impressive ! Do you ever perform at weddings ? let me know for my daughter. Look forward to seeing you again soon! Continued success ! Dick O,Neil
Ruben, I met you when you played at Harmon's. You might remember me because because I mentioned that I am from San Antonio but am living in Utah working at Hill AFB. Anyway, I just got your new cd "Labor of Shame". One word describes it- SWEET!! Can't wait to get back home and see you and the band in action again! Bueno-bye!
New C.D. ROKS.....
Love your music.
StoneWorks on Thursday, Luna on Friday, and 250 show up at Rolling Oaks Sports Bar & Grill on Saturday... YOU ARE THE MAN! See you back at "The Oaks" on July 28th.
I would like to know if you will be playing in San Antonio the weekend of July 21-22. Can you let us know if that is on your schedule? Thanks a bunch! P.S. Coming from Dallas to see you
Saw you guys for the 1st time at Luna last night (07/14/06)...way cool! You guys are awesome!
You got a great sound. bad ass guitar and vocals. the rest of the band sounds great also. I hope to see you all at lunas tonight.
I heard your band for the first time last month at Luna's in San Antonio and thought ya'll were awesome! I have told my friends about you guys and am glad to see you'll be returning to Luna's next week. Hope to see you then.
I met you at the Fiesta last year, I appreaciate the cd, I have played it alot, love your music
Hey there! Love the new look of the site! Great new pics! Awesome job! Have I told you today that...YOU ROCK!!!
Hey Buddy, I need to get your new cd the next time I come down. I was hoping you were playing tonight. Chuck is in town tonight. I was hoping to bring him out. Anyway, I am really jonesing to hear you.
hey, I remember you years ago w/ your long hair at the apartments. My little girl thought you were terrific. Now she's all grown up. Damn; time sure flies~ best to you
Hey Bro, will be in town late june , hope to see you. Say hello to the family. New cd sounds awsome!!!
Hey there, I was at TriPoint last week and saw you for the first time. What an awesome show, that music is great, can't wait to see you guys agaim
we need you on camp pendlton to paly for us,and the troops.they love the cd's so much my birthday cd you sign was brouhed and return in poor sharp.geri hinds
Yo, bro. It was great to see ya' and your boys in action at the Dr's and it was really cool of ya'll to let me sit in. It was sweet. Keep in touch, man. Love You, brother. Steve
Ruben, I first heard you play at Stonewerks San Antonio in May 06 and must tell you that my friends and I enjoyed every moment of every song you played. You are truly gifted and blessed. Your music brings much joy to me. I truly appreciate you stopping and saying hi to me and my friends during your break. Thank you for being so polite and humble. Having served in the USAF for almost 30 years, I have had the pleasure of listening to musicians all over the world. Your music and your ability to deliver them is something truly unique. I look forward to seeing you perform at Club Luna on June 23rd. Take care bro. Z
David Martinez May 31, 2006 I had the honor of befriending Ruben before the release of In His Hands. Although I have not seen him in quite some time I have closely followed his musical career and have prayed for him to have much success. May God keep you and place you in the spot that he has planned for you. It's been a long time since the days of the Crazy Horse saloon and Red Hot and Blues. Your Brother in Christ. David Martinez
V, Your accoustic show last Saturday night at Rolling Oaks Bar & Grill was simply OUTSTANDING! We had a front row seat and enjoyed every minute of the music!! We love your music. God Bless You, Robert & Theresa Gomez
Keep up the great work!!! God bless you and your family always. Much love and prayers.
Hi Ruben. Glad to hear that the new CD is doing well. Arriving in SAT on Wednesday 24th May so I need to find out where you are playing. Can you help?? Dont want to lose valuable time hunting every bar between SAT and Corpus. looking forward to hearing some great music again.its been too long but I said I would make it back. let me know, I would hate to miss the best music in Texas. Best wishes, God Bless you and your family.always Brit Chris
Dear Ruben, Happy birthday from Germany. Your fans Runi and Raphael are always thinking of you. Will meet you soon sometime and bring chocolate again. Take care Lots of Love Ru and Ra
Y'all are great! Had a beyond wonderful time at Casbeers. "Music sweeps by me as a messenger..." See ya soon. I'll bring the girls, promise!
Ruben V, I didn't know about you until my friend Christina hooked me up with your music. All started because I told her I am Stevie Ray V fan. I listed to some of your music..let me tell you...don't you ever lose whatever inspires you man. Awesome!
Hello V,Saw you at Harmons BBQ,thought you follow in the footsteps of Carlos Santana to tell you the truth and many more great artists...you will go a long way in life ..Have a sweet life my friend...Cher
hey bro...out of all of us musicians i knew you would be the man..say hi to my other 2 brothers and mom and pops...god bless you and your family...bert buitron
"We Can Always Use a Chick in The Band!" ... Classic Great Day SA Quote. See you tonight at Rolling Oaks Sports Bar & Grill.
Good luck manana at Rolling Oaks... T-r-o-u----b-l-e-...She's trouble!!
Wow Ruben, you have done it again! Ever since I picked up “Labor of Shame” at the awesome fan appreciation gig at Rolling Oaks (please give them a big thanks!), I can’t get this disk out of my player, or out of my head. The first night I met you four and a half years ago I bought Let Me In, and as much as I love all your recordings, it has always remained my favorite. But this one is going to give it a real run. Somehow, you have captured much of the electricity of one of your live shows on disc. I can actually see you and “Big O” dueling back and forth like you do on stage. Todos Reunidos may be the best song you have ever recorded. And knowing how much I love Close the Door you know what a compliment that is. Now I just have to see you do it live with the band, since you were only acoustic at the Rolling Oaks gig. See you soon. God Bless.
Hubby and I were at your release party at Rolling Oaks and I was impressed by your love of Jesus Christ and your actual praising and singing his glory during your concert....WOW....I raised my hands along with other Christians that were present.....impressing...you are blessed....stell
we just started seeing you at the cove 4/8. its rare to see somebody play with such passion! truely an inspiration. hope we see you and the band often.
Hey you guys---your CD release party last night at Cosmos was awesome---thanks for such a wonderful time as usual. I managed to be as good as I possibly could---:) Love you guys----JILL---Nana's friend
Just wanted to thank you for the show at Rolling Oaks last week. Jackie and I had a great time and you were in rare form. Just remember the shirts for girls like Jackie and Cindy with a substantial chest. How could anyone forget? See you later, Mark.
You're truly blessed brother!!! ....and thanks for the awesome show that blessed us @ CCCC.
CD release party was a blast! The new CD has a great feel / keep rockin
Ruben V... You amaze me. Thanks for the awesome show Friday night. The new CD rocks!
Oops! I meant Friday night...
Great show Saturday night! I am glad to count myself a newfound fan since the 3/25 show was the first time I had seen/heard you. I have been telling everyone I know about you guys! Keep kickin' butt!
Thanks for the awesome show last night!! Great finish...See yall for sure on the 28th if not sooner...God is geat
Ruben and the "guys"... great show last night! The Way, The Truth and The Life was to us the highlight! We've seen you countless times and last night was the biggest crowd we've ever seen! we're already in love with the new CD! our prayers are with you as we see your success continue to bloom. Keep up the great work!
saw your set at luna couple weeks back, awesome.just waondering if you know anyone that gives guitar lessons
Ruben I love your music I am your biggest fan at Harmans BBQ
Nice night at Rolling oaks last week, looking forward to this fridays show mayne!!... Rueben V----YEAH!! Looking forward to seeing Adriana (the waitress)too...he he
Just wanted to say great show last Satarday, and loved Having you out Sunday Thanks for your support at Cibilo Creek, and remember church is in your heart not a building were always glad when you can make it, but understand your mission. Love you guys.
Hi Ruben, I haven't heard from you in a few days so I checked your myspace page again and found this link. What a nice web page. I love the pictures here. You look very sexy! I can not wait till you come back to Houston.
love your new web page keeep rockin baby
I am currently in Iraq. I came across a local Iraqi national who was listening to SRV. He told me how much he loved the blues so I told him about you. I am trying to get some of your music here and liberate the locals with your sound. They would love it! Your going global man. Keep pickin'.
Hey Ruben, It was great to see you guys last Friday.You ssoungded awesome like always. I cant wait for the New CD to be out, Please let me know when the release party is. I really miss you all. I hope to be out again soon! Love ya, Jenny
Hey Ruben... It's great to see the new site. How about trying to find your way up to the midwest for some shows? I caught you in S.A. about 7 years ago and you blew me away so much I've tried keeping up on what you're doing via the net. Sure would love to see you play again!
It's been a long time Ruben. How's the family? I'll try to see you soon. If you get a chance, call me...210-724-2499.
Hey Guys----what a wonderful night--sorry the desperate housewives got too drunk--ha---but what a fantastic time---hope to see yall soon
Hey man yiou are freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Bro! You sounded great last night with Fred! You know what?.........Nevermind.....HA!
Hey Bro, Those are some great photos!! I really dig the sexy one of Gabe!! Grrrr!
Ruben, Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and music with us for all these years. The new site and pictures are great. Keep up the hard work and hope to see you guys this summer. Be safe and God bless.
Love the new site! Love the music! You are my biggest fan!!! :) P.S. Every think about using EV?
Ruben, Love the new site! See ya soon! Kevin and Kathy
Ruben, the new site looks greatAnd it's awesome that you finally have a few of your songs available for peoples' listening pleasure! Justin and I are still waiting for you to get yourself up here to play! Keep up the good work!
Very cool site, you did good :) Looking forward to seeing you soon. Scott Clinton and I were talking about you yesterday...God willing you will play at BRCC someday soon.
I love this new site!! Great job for a guitar picker! :) It was good to see you Saturday. We will see you soon. Take care & God Bless.
Hey Ruben, The new site looks great! I miss you guys. Everytime I make plans to come out, I ever make it! I will be out to see ya'll soon!Hopefully with Rhianna! We shall Return! Love ya, Jenny
Ruben, I've caught your act a few times over the years and enjoyed your music. A friend of mine, Kevin Hernandez, used to play drums for you some years back. I have been playing drums for 30 years. I know you have a drummer currently, but if you are ever in need of a drummer-I'm your man. Check out my musical bio at: http://www.shaunhedgepeth.com Peace, Shaun F. Hedgepeth
Hey Ruben i love the new site! i started laughing at ur pics u are sooooo crazy but thats why we all love ya! anyways juss passin by to say hello to u and the band! much luv!!! FLOR *** 2 da Big O LOTS OF LOVE from ur lil sista****
Great new site! Thank you for all these years of awesome music! Look forward to many more! Your music touches peoples' lives, hearts and souls - what a gift! See you soon!
Thank you everybody for signing the guestbook, it's a great way for me to hear from you about my music and the shows. My band members personal life is not anybody's business but theirs. Please,I hope I haven't offended anybody but this site is meant to be for fun. Thanks and God bless you V
Great new site! Looking forward to the new album-have to go on the road soon-need my songs with me.See you soon. You guys were great Monday--wanted to make sure you knew that. Safari
you look hot!!!!
Great new site. I love that you made it to "MySpace"! See you tonight!
Great new site... Much improved. Also cool that you are on Myspace. Look forward to seeing you soon. Take care of my clubs !!!
Love the new site, much easier to nav and read. I got to check you out at the Cove last month, you guys are awesome. I think this new album will take you to some new heights. Keep up the hard work, I'm going to try and catch you guys again this month. Take care & all the best.
Great new look,easy access to everything and well layed out website. Keep up the the great work work litle brother.....the sky is the limit....!!! Until we meet again!
Looks Great!
Great website!! Love that you updated it--it's good for your business. It is easy for me to see where you are playing in SA. thanks for "keeping it real" since our wedding!! you are better each time we see you. misty and kevin